The Beehive Pastries

I love helping out home bakers by featuring their products on my blog. I admire these young people for their business acumen and baking skills. The latest to send me samples is The Beehive Pastries.

Abby, the mastermind behind these goodies shares the same alma matter (HS & College) as me but just several years apart (don’t ask how many!). Maybe that’s why she bakes so well :D. 

When I opened the box this is what I saw. Can you imagine my surprise and delight? 

The Beehive Pastries- Kit Kat Cake Jr. . P650-001


Abby is really so creative in decorating a chocolate cake to look like it came straight from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Any child or young at heart will LOVE to have a Kit Kat cake for their special day. 

The Beehive Pastries- Kit Kat Cake Jr. P650
Kit Kat Cake Jr. P650


It may look pretty but was it good? I can honestly say yes it’s delicious! The cake was rich, moist and super decadent with a fudgy layer in the middle. The whole cake was covered with a simple buttercream frosting. My only comment was I wish she had a version that used dark chocolate Kit Kat and dark chocolate M&Ms. But that’s just me “ms. dark chocolate.”

The Beehive Pastries-  Kit Kat Cake Jr.


Abby knew that the dessert of my heart and tummy is apple pie. That’s why she sent me her Apple Crumble and she was sure I would approve. Confident wasn’t she? 

The Beehive Pastries- Apple Crumble P280 (small)
Apple Crumble P280 (small)


Well, Abby was right. I loved it!! The apples were sliced thick and remained crisp to the bite. A liberal amount of cinnamon laced the pie and heightened the flavor of the apples. My favorite was the buttery crumb topping with lots of whole walnuts. I just found the pie a wee bit sweet for my taste. When I order this again I will ask Abby to lessen the sugar a little.  

The bottom crust I didn’t like because it was soggy and I considered it extra carbs. I don’t usually eat the bottom crust of most pies anyway so this wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

The Beehive Pastries- Apple Crumble P280 (small)-002


The Beehive Pastries has a lot more goodies in their lineup. I highly recommend the beautifully wrapped chewy and ultra moist food for the gods pictured below.  It’s a gift anyone would love to receive. 

The Beehive Pastries- food for the gods, brownies, cornflakes cookies
food for the gods, brownies, cornflakes cookies


Here’s a sampling of the products they sell. I plan to order the Apple Crumble and Walnutty Turtle Torte Cheesecake for the adults and a small Kit Kat cake for the kids for our New Year’s Eve party. Better order now before Abby gets overwhelmed this holiday season.

The Beehive Pastries


The Beehive Pastries
mobile: + 63 922 822 2399
Instagram: @thebeehivepastries

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