La Nuova Pasteleria

La Nuova Pasteleria in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park has been open since 1978. The first time I ate there was in Novemeber 2009. The second time was in November 14, 2013.

I ate there after volunteering at Villamor Air Base with my friends most of whom were with me in 2009. When I looked at my previous post I realized we ordered virtually the same items too.  These are my favorite dishes to order in La Nuova. One day I will try something new. I promise. 

My taste in pasta has changed over the years. I used to always order the ones with cream based sauce. Now I go for simple olive oil based pasta only. I still tried a little of their bestseller pasta with  white truffle cream sauce, porcini mushroom and Parma ham. It was still undeniably delicious. The pasta was coated with just enough cream to coat the noodles and not drown it in heavy sauce. Fifty percent of this dish was the aroma. 

Profumo Di Tartufo P588
Profumo Di Tartufo P588


For seafood lovers the spaghetti with olive oil and garlic and prawns, clams and missing squid is a must order.

Agli Olio di Pesce pasta P514
Agli Olio di Pesce pasta P514


My favorite though was the spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, Italian sausage and sun dried tomatoes. I love their Italian sausage so if it’s in pasta and pizza that’s what I will always order.

Agli Olio Con Salsicce P514
Agli Olio Con Salsicce P514


Here’s the pizza with the same Italian sausage.

Maremmana Rustica Pizza P456 (onions, Italian sausage)
Maremmana Rustica Pizza P456
(onions, Italian sausage)


Another favorite is the thin crust pizza topped with a thick layer of soft spinach dotted with chorizo and mushroom swimming in gooey mozzarella cheese. I don’t mind eating vegetarian pizzas if it looked and tasted like this even if you remove the chorizo. 

Pizza Due Gusti P497 (chorizo, spinach and mushroom)
Pizza Due Gusti P497
(chorizo, spinach and mushroom)


We shared a couple of desserts. The strawberry napoleon was good except for quite hard but crunchy layers which tasted like otap.

Strawberry Napoleon P125
Strawberry Napoleon P125
Brazo de Mercedes P112
Brazo de Mercedes P112


I hope I get to eat at La Nuova Pasteleria more often since the food is outstanding and the quality remains the same. Sure you pay more but you get better quality food. There’s a reason that it’s still open after all these years. So if you haven’t eaten there yet what are you waiting for? Go now!!!

La Nuova Pasteleria
San Antonio Plaza,
Forbes Park, Makati
telephone: 817-8568 / 867-2370

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