Hong Kong Prepaid Data Sim & Kee Tsui Cake Shop

The title of this post may seem strange to you. I wanted to share my discovery of a Hong Kong prepaid data sim card and I couldn’t just post two pictures so I threw in a delicious food find. In my previous trips to Hong Kong I just relied on free wifi in some malls or coffee shops or just wait until I got back to the apartment to post pictures or check my email. I decided it was high time to buy a prepaid sim so I was connected online all the time. I had very specific needs. I wanted mainly a sim with an unlimited data plan or at least one with a large data allowance. I also wanted a sim that was affordable and it had to be a nano sim to fit my iPhone 5. I did extensive research and to save all of you the trouble I’m sharing with you my findings.  The best sim I found for my needs was the PCCW-HKT All-In-One Rechargeable SIM CardPCCW-HKT All-In-One Rechargeable SIM Card  Here are the features and benefits:

  1. The prepaid sim card comes in several sim sizes to fit the iPhone 4 (micro sim) or 5 (nano sim). The sim costs HK$98 which you can use for local or international calls and text. A text to a Manila number costs HK$1.80 or Php 10.50 much cheaper than the P25 Globe (in my case) charges. 
  2. You can subscribe to a data plan for 1 day ($18 / 1.2GB) , 3 days ($38 / 2GB), 7 days ($68 / 3GB), or 30 days ($188 / 8GB). 
  3. You can buy additional load from any PCCW store or convenience stores like 7-11 and Circle K. I added load online which I found most the convenient. 
  4. Only Circle K  and PCCW stores carry the nano sim version. 7-11 has the micro sim. 
  5. This sim card is valid for 6 months and you have to add load for it to extend indefinitely. Even if I don’t go to Hong Kong I can add load online. 

This sim card is the reason you saw all my food pics as I ate it in Hong Kong last December.  PCCW-HKT All-In-One Rechargeable SIM Card-001   I’ve been going to Kee Tsui Cake Shop (奇趣餅家) for several years even though I don’t speak Cantonese and none of the employees in the shop speak English. I just point and pay. I’ve tried some of their cookies and baked goods that I don’t know the name or what they are. I didn’t like their cookies at all.  Kee Tsui Cake Shop  The only thing I go back for again and again are these glutinous rice cakes filled with red bean paste. The turnover of these babies are high so most of the time I’ve eaten them hot right off the oven. A piece costs HK$4 and 5 pieces are HK$16. 

Kee Tsui Cake Shop-001
glutinous rice cakes with red bean paste

  Think tikoy, mochi, palitaw and that’s what these taste like. The outer cake is not so sweet and very chewy with a slight crisp toasted exterior. Inside is a thick, sweet mixture made from mashed red bean paste that’s will remind you of hopia. Kee Tsui Cake Shop-002 Kee Tsui Cake Shop-003

 It’s best eaten hot but I’ve also eaten it cold the next day and it’s still a delight. 

Kee Tsui Cake Shop-004
Glutinous Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste 紅豆燒餅

  This store is worth visiting. Trust me on this. Here’s a video I made a few years ago to show you how to get to this Fa Yuen St. in Prince Edward. There are a lot of bargains in this street market too. I shot this video on a holiday that’s why it was so crowded. If you go on a weekday there aren’t as much people.  To get to Fa Yuen Street – Use EXIT B2 at Prince Edward MTR, walk 2 blocks towards Prince Edward Road West. You will see a park and the beginning of the street market with all the carts and kiosks. Kee Tsui Cake Shop will be on your right about two blocks from the beginning of the street. Just keep walking after and you will reach Mong Kok proper. Kee Tsui Cake Shop 奇趣餅家 135 Fa Yuen St (Mongkok), Kowloon telephone: (852) 2394 1727 hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm daily

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Prepaid Data Sim & Kee Tsui Cake Shop

  1. Hi Ms. Leslie! do you know the hopia-like with kundol-like filling that can be bought from the local bakery shops in HK? will go there tomorrow. 😀


  2. Hi Leslie! Sorry to bother you, I just want to ask on the HK sim. Hahaha!! How’s the signal naman? May cap pala na 3GB for 8 days, yikes!! But I’ll use it naman for IG, emails, imessage and whatsapp. Sana abot!!

    Love, Didi

    I’m actually looking for a sim na pwede for a pocketwifi.. any leads? Thanks in advance!


    1. Didi,
      The signal is great since it’s PCCW. the data cap is more than enough for 8 days. In Manila 3gb is for a month na!! Even less pa. You can use the same sim for pocket wifi. Just get the correct sim size and make sure the pocket wifi is unlocked.



      1. Thank you Leslie for your replies!! Malaki na pala ang 5GB for 8 days! Hahaha… In SG kasi it was 14GB for 7 days.. Hehehe!! My pocket wifi is open line 🙂 TY for the reminder!!!

        Thanks for replying ha, I really appreciate it!! 🙂

        Love, Didi


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