Toki Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining

I enjoyed Kitsho’s king crab leg hot pot so much Jin suggested I try Toki’s oyster hot pot. Toki is located above McDonald’s across S & R at The Fort. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant-001

Toki Japanese REstaurant-002


Our big group of family and friends had lunch there a couple of Sundays ago. It was quite dark in the restaurant that’s why it was a challenge to take pictures. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant-003

Toki Japanese REstaurant-004


They had several function rooms for more privacy.

Toki Japanese REstaurant-005

Toki Japanese REstaurant-006

Toki Japanese REstaurant- mango shake P180
mango shake P180


I wasn’t able to try a lot of the dishes so I will just comment on those that I’ve tried.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- chawan mush P200
chawan mush P200
Toki Japanese REstaurant- shake onigiri P180
shake onigiri P180
Toki Japanese REstaurant- tamago P100
tamago P100


I ordered the salmon and eel sushi for our side of the long table to share. They were both just ok.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- salmon aburi bou sushi P360
salmon aburi bou sushi P360


4 pieces of eel sushi for P700 was too expensive! And the the pieces of eel were super thin. I liked Kitsho’s version much better and it was a better deal with 6 pieces for P650. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant- unagi bo sushi P700
unagi bo sushi P700
Toki Japanese REstaurant- kani salad P260
kani salad P260


The fried chicken was moist and juicy and just needed salt.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- tori nanban age P300
tori nanban age P300


Jeffrey had the Wagyu steak lunch set and he had the best meal.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- wagyu steak lunch P2,000
Wagyu steak lunch P2,000


We also ordered a plate of Wagyu A5 steak (200 grams) for P2,300. My only shot was too blurry so just take a look at the picture below. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten or maybe I just haven’t been eating Wagyu A5 steak. It was worth every peso and I want to go back to eat an order just by myself. The beef was incredibly tender and aromatic. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant- wagyu steak lunch P2,000-001


This Wagyu curry set is a good deal for rice eaters. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant- wagyu curry set P550
wagyu curry set P550


My mom ordered this unique stew of eel simmered in a light broth with eggs. She liked it.

Toki Japanese Restaurant - unagi yanagawa P550
unagi yanagawa P550


I ordered the oyster hot pot and the server had to check with the kitchen if it was available since this wasn’t on the menu. A version made with lapu lapu is on the menu for P400. This one with only 5 oysters cost P1,000. It was very good specially the clam umami broth. About 5 of us were about to eat a bowl each. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant- kaki (oyster) nabe P1,000
kaki (oyster) nabe P1,000


It certainly looked nothing like the oyster hot pot Jin had in 2012. The oysters then were huge and the broth was dark brown. Anyway I still enjoyed my hot pot. I just wish they would throw in more oysters for the price they’re charging. 

Toki Japanese REstaurant- kaki (oyster) nabe P1,000-001
Jin’s oyster hot pot in 2012
Toki Japanese REstaurant- gindara teriyaki P750
gindara teriyaki P750


I tried a spoonful of the Wagyu fried rice. It would have been better if the rice wasn’t soft and mushy.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- wagyu fried rice P350
wagyu fried rice P350


I tried some udon and it was a winner. I also want to eat this nabeyaki udon next time.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- nabeyaki udon P460
nabeyaki udon P460
Toki Japanese REstaurant- tempura udon P400
tempura udon P400
Toki Japanese REstaurant- lemon sherbet, vanilla ice cream P100
lemon sherbet, vanilla ice cream P100


They were out of all matcha dessert so I didn’t have any.

Toki Japanese REstaurant- red bean mochi P100
red bean mochi P100

Toki Japanese REstaurant-026


Toki’s prices are higher than the usual Japanese restaurant in Manila. There were a few misses but the Wagyu steak and oyster hot pot were my favorites. They have deals for weekday lunch that seem good and more affordable. I would go back. 

Toki’s menu

Toki Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining
2nd floor 32nd and 5th Building corner
32nd St. and 5th Avenue Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Philippines
telephone: +63 2 856 7295

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