Iguana’s Authentic Mexican Food

Our two days in Baguio were over and we decided to have one last meal together in Pampanga. We were supposed to eat at C’ Italian Dining but my friend Jenny raved about the Mexican food at Iguana’s so that where we had our late, late lunch. 

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food

Remember your Sesame Street lessons? Abierto, cerrado. 

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food-001


I took this picture while the front door was open. It was very dark inside. Ambiance?

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food-002

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food-003


I read that their lemon margarita was a must order so I ordered one. It was frozen and generous but it hardly tasted like lemon and there wasn’t much tequila. It was a good drink if you’re feeling hot. 

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Lemon Margarita
Lemon Margarita

My favorite Mexican food ever are nachos and I always order that and it gives me a benchmark for the restaurant’s food. Imagine my disappointment when Iguana’s nachos was made up of store bought microwaved cheese sauce with store bought tortilla chips simply topped with slices of black olives and jalapeño. They should have just called it chips and dip.

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Nachos P150
Nachos P150

We had to order an extra bowl of chili to eat with the nachos to make it more palatable.

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Extra Chili
Extra Chili

We ordered the quesadilla in chicken and beef since those were the only two options. They were really good and my favorite at Iguana’s. 

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Quesadilla Supreme P220
Quesadilla Supreme P220

Just look at the generous quantity of well seasoned chicken and plenty of cheese. 

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Chicken Quesadilla

The soup came with the combination platter. The bean soup was an acquired taste. 

Iguana's - Mayan Bean Soup P95 Tortilla Soup P90
Mayan Bean Soup P95 Tortilla Soup P90

We ordered both platters in both chicken and beef too. The burrito and enchilada contained the same filling as in the quesadilla but with an addition of other ‘stuff’ I still prefer the simpler and tastier quesadilla.

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Combination Platter - Enchiladas & Burrito P240
Combination Platter – Enchiladas & Burrito P240

My other friends liked the soft and crunchy shell (no picture) tacos. The chili was hearty and mildly spiced.

Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food- Combination Platter - Chili Con Carne & Soft Taco P240
Combination Platter – Chili Con Carne & Soft Taco P240

Iguana's Clark map


Iguana’s Authentic Mexican Food
50 Don Meliton Avenue, Clarkview, Angeles City 2009 Philippines
telephone: (045) 405-0449 (new)

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