Sunday Feast at Grissini

We had lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, Grissini at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wan Chai. As soon as you enter the restaurant you can smell the aroma of freshly baked grissini or breadsticks made on site. These are the lightest and crunchiest breadsticks I’ve ever eaten. They are best whenContinue reading “Sunday Feast at Grissini”

Pietro Coricelli’s 70th Anniversary at Mi Piace

I was invited to the commemoration of Pietro Coricelli’s 70th anniversary at Mi Piace at the Manila Peninsula hotel. Pietro Coricelli is one of the oldest family owned and managed olive oil companies in the world. Their products are sold in 70 countries.Mi Piace This was the star of the night, Riserva del Presidente extraContinue reading “Pietro Coricelli’s 70th Anniversary at Mi Piace”

Dinner at La Nuova Pasteleria

La Nuova has been open since 1978 but it was my first time to eat there a few weeks ago. I don’t know how this restaurant escaped my radar all these years. Maybe all my friends assumed I’ve already eaten there. In Manila, it’s always the new restaurants that people frequent. For a restaurant inContinue reading “Dinner at La Nuova Pasteleria”

Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant

It’s our last day in Perth. We went to the last attraction in our list of place to go in Perth, the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower is like one huge musical instrument. The bells in the tower have a long history from 14th century England up to its final home in Perth. We caughtContinue reading “Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant”

Perth Day 6 – Part 2 Acacia Apartment & Sorrento restaurant

When we decided to go to Perth we searched the internet for an apartment to stay in. Our requirements were a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment since there were 4 adults and 1 child in our group. We found what we were looking for at City West accomodations. We chose this apartment because of it’s locationContinue reading “Perth Day 6 – Part 2 Acacia Apartment & Sorrento restaurant”