Perth Day 6 – Part 2 Acacia Apartment & Sorrento restaurant

When we decided to go to Perth we searched the internet for an apartment to stay in. Our requirements were a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment since there were 4 adults and 1 child in our group. We found what we were looking for at City West accomodations. We chose this apartment because of it’s location and bus accessibility.

Mounts Bay rd. where our apartment was located on a nice street lined with a hospital and several apartment buildings and hotels. The Philippine consulate was a few buildings away.

entrance to the garage

stairs to the apartment

We were quite pleased with this apartment although we liked rooftop apartment in Margaret River more because it was way roomier.
master bedroom

master bathroom

2nd bedroom

2nd bathroom

extra bed for P

P’s fave spot

our fave room

Warren, hubby of Rochelle met us in Perth. Aww touching reunion.

I found the parking system in Perth fascinating. Whether we parked in an open lot, street parking or a parking building we never saw a human being manning the ticket booth like in Manila. Instead we faced all kinds of machines to pay our ticket. We stared at this machine for a while before we got the hang of it.

When my friends found out I was going to Perth they kept telling me there’s nothing to do there and nowhere to eat. I guess they haven’t been to Perth in a long time because there were many places to see and even more restaurants to try. For our 1st dinner we went to Northbridge which was only a few minutes away from our apartment. I was surprised to see 3 streets lined on both sides with restaurants representing every conceivable cuisine.

We chose to eat in Sorrento an Italian restaurant because it had a lot of people eating there. So we figured it must be good. We were right.

We sat outside to enjoy the cool air. Thank goodness there was a gas heater beside our table.

Garlic Bread A$6.00

Oysters Kilpatrick A$16.00
topped with crispy bacon &
Sorrento special sauce

I just loved the lamb chops. The servings were generous too. If you ordered lamb chops in Manila you’d get 3 skinny chops. Here we got 3 triple chops!

Corona di Agnello A$37.00
Lamb rack served with mashed potato,
spinach, mushroom & red wine jus

Everything we ordered was good specially this risotto which was perfectly cooked and chunks of mushroom.

Risotto ai Funghi A$17.00
Arborio rice with porcini, button & field mushroom
tossed with fresh basil & shaved parmesan

Capricciosa A$14.00
Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom,
olives & anchovie
Acacia Apartment
112 Mounts Bay Rd
Perth WA 6000

Sorrento Restaurant
158 James St
Northbridge WA 6003
telephone: +61 8 9328 7461

8 thoughts on “Perth Day 6 – Part 2 Acacia Apartment & Sorrento restaurant

  1. les, i would not recommend our apartment in Perth mainly bec the girl who handled our account is really masungit.  plus, the apartment was not as clean as i would expect.   my first comment on your blog-negative pa.  


  2. Hi there,I happened to see view your blog and am going to Perth sometime in mid May soon. I wonder if you would recommend this apartment for short stay for 4 pax? Also, could you share with me the contact person/s details and other recommendations?Look forward to your replies soon.Janice


  3. HiMy kids were on the internet and found these pics.  I am actually the owner of the apartment where you stayed. Sorry about the F & P dishwasher… I have not had probs at all… I see you had a great time in lovely Perth..    We love visiting the Philippines too…..  JK


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