Barcelona: La Boqueria Market

Mercat La Boqueria-031
I’ve read from several sources that the best food can be found in La Boqueria Market in Barcelona. Aside from selling all sorts of produce, fish, cured meats and candies there were also several tapas bars in the market.

We went to La Boqueria right after eating churros and espadrilles shopping. Even if I was still full I was hoping to try some tapas. When we got there around 6:00 pm and all the tapas bars were already closed! They close around 3-4 pm. What a big disappointment. We didn’t have time to go back so I have to go back to Barcelona for this among other things.
Mercat La Boqueria

Mercat La Boqueria-001
cured meats

Mercat La Boqueria-002

Several stalls sold fruits, fruit juice, fruit shakes and cut up fruit.
Mercat La Boqueria-003

Mercat La Boqueria-004

Mercat La Boqueria-005

It was a real market but it didn’t smell like our own wet markets in Manila. The Mercado San Miguel in Madrid was a cooked food market while La Boqueria combined raw and cooked food under one roof.
Mercat La Boqueria-006

Spaniards have an affinity for sweets. This was just one of the many, many stalls dedicated to sweet treats.
Mercat La Boqueria-007

This stall sold typical Spanish sweets like torrones and crema de Catalan which I bought since they had free tastings.
Mercat La Boqueria-008

This had to be the most charming egg stall I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know there were that many kinds of eggs and so many different colors and hues too.
Mercat La Boqueria-011
eggs, huevos, uovo, oeuf, itlog

Mercat La Boqueria-009 Mercat La Boqueria-010

Mercat La Boqueria-012
bacalao or salted cod

Mercat La Boqueria-013
moxama or dried pressed tuna

Mercat La Boqueria-014
anchovies (anchoas)

Mercat La Boqueria-015

These unique looking creatures are called percebe cantabrico or goose barnacles.
Mercat La Boqueria-016

Mercat La Boqueria-017

Mercat La Boqueria-018

I was tempted to try a fruit popsicle or helado. It’s also known as paleta in Mexican.
Mercat La Boqueria-019

Mercat La Boqueria-020
nuts galore
Mercat La Boqueria-021

Mercat La Boqueria-025

Mercat La Boqueria-022
chili peppers

This guy was a friendly Pinoy so I bought some fruit jellies from him.

Mercat La Boqueria-024 Mercat La Boqueria-023

Mercat La Boqueria-026
fresh fish

This was the first time I saw ham and salami packed together with cheese. It would be convenient for picnics or even lunch packs.
Mercat La Boqueria-027

I wish a bought some churros with honey. I wonder if they taste as good as churros covered in chocolate.
Mercat La Boqueria-028
churros with honey

Mercat La Boqueria-029 Mercat La Boqueria-030


These uniquely shaped tomatoes are called Montserrat tomatoes.
Montserrat tomatoes

Like I said, more candies!!!
Mercat La Boqueria-032

Mercat La Boqueria-033

Picture on the left are cousins and on the right are batch mates. I wonder what the batch mates were laughing at.

Mercat La Boqueria-034 Mercat La Boqueria-035

La Boqueria Market
Rambla, 91 Mercat de la Boqueria
(Edifici Direcció, 2a planta)
08001 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 412 13 15

6 thoughts on “Barcelona: La Boqueria Market

  1. Leslie, glad you found a place that sell good churros in your last entry. Now I want churros everyday and will make some with dark chocolate ganashes .


  2. One of my favorite markets in the universe! My only lament is not being able to bring everything back home…so I have to satisfy myself with spices, legumes, and cured meats. It’s nice to go in the early morning with all the old Spanish housewives with they pull-carts in tow. Ahhh! I miss this place!!


  3. Oh my god… unlike other girls my age, I don’t like shopping–what I rather enjoy more is grocery shopping!!! And this place is just calling out to me! Hope I can get to this market in the future :O


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