Balesin Island Club – The Balesin Spa

When I went to Balesin Island Club last weekend I quickly developed favoritism for Balesin Village. Their villa was my favorite among all the different residences in the resort. And there’s my beloved ham too. The Balesin Spa is the icing on the cake. 



The prices for the spa services were much cheaper than what hotels and resorts usually charge considering the amenities that were included.
The Balesin Spa menu


In my opinion the best way to enjoy the spa is to swim a few laps in the pool then take a shower in your private cabin and get a massage.
The Balesin Spa pool


When you sign up for a massage you get a building all for yourself.
The Balesin Spa treatment rooms


There was one couples room while the rest were singles.
The Balesin Spa couples room

The Balesin Spa couples room 1


There’s an outdoor shower and sauna too.
The Balesin Spa outdoor shower


There’s a surcharge of P250 to use the sauna or steam bath.
The Balesin Spa sauna


Needless to say I had a wonderful massage at 9:00 pm which led to very restful sleep.


Inside there was also a toilet and another shower.
The Balesin Spa couples room 2

The Balesin Spa outdoor seating


You can also have a massage outdoors.
The Balesin Spa outdoor massage area

The Balesin Spa shower

The Balesin Spa wood chair


The view of the waters at The Balesin Spa was one of the best in the resort. This picture was totally untouched and unedited.
The Balesin Spa waters


At night the spa took on a different atmosphere.
The Balesin Spa at night

The Balesin Spa at night 1


It rained when we had a massage and it was a good thing our golf buggy had a raincoat.
golf buggy rain coat

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Balesin Island Club
4330 Polillo, Quezon
telephone: (02) 846 6205
online brochure

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