Thai Massage @ Mr. Feet

Mr. Feet Thai massage
Pain. Our feet were in so much pain from the first day of non-stop walking. We needed massage badly.

Our friend Sonia who moved to Bangkok several years ago when she got married is now super fluent in the Thai language. She recommended Mr. Feet which was just across her office and very near the malls.

Mr. Feet Thai massage-1

The place was very simple but clean. It was also always full. We had the foot and body massage for 1.5 hours which cost 400 baht or US$13 or P570. The foot massage was done on these chairs. It was so painful. The masseuse knew which points to press and it had all of us squirming and grimacing in pain. After several minutes of even pressure the pain subsided. Just when we were about to nod off we were asked to move upstairs for our body massage. 
Mr. Feet Thai massage-2

The masseuse in the pink shirt was in one of the rooms where the body massage was held. It was your usual Thai massage which involved a lot of stretching.
Mr. Feet Thai massage-3

The price of contentment, relaxation and much happiness was indeed a steal. We wanted to go back every night but managed to return just one more time. I miss you Mr. Feet.
Mr. Feet Thai massage-4

Mr. Feet Thai massage-5

2 thoughts on “Thai Massage @ Mr. Feet

  1. Were the therapists also reflexologists? I dig the ones who can tell me what I’m deficient in, and what problems I’m having internally.The prices are a steal. Getting a massage, any kind, in LA would ring out to 45 50 minimum USD. Terrible here! Great there!


  2. Ron there was a language barrier but they did have a colored chart telling us what each pain corresponded too. My cousins in LA go to Monterey for Chinese foot massage for $15 an hour if I’m not mistaken. That’s a good deal too!


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