Vegetarian Dinner at Taipei 101’s Food Court

For dinner we decided to have a simple meal at Taipei 101’s food court before checking in our hotel. Again Charlie and I had a vegetarian set meal which consisted of four items. First was this thing with filling inside. I had no idea what the slimy exterior was made of. My cousin Charlie toldContinue reading “Vegetarian Dinner at Taipei 101’s Food Court”

素雅屋 Vegetarian Restaurant in Taimall, Taoyuan

My cousin Charlie picked us up from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and brought us to a nearby mall called Taimall so we can have lunch and meet up with his brother Benjie. It was exactly the same thing we did when I went to Taipei two years ago with some friends. That time weContinue reading “素雅屋 Vegetarian Restaurant in Taimall, Taoyuan”