A Pre-Valentine Food Trip part 1

4:30 am I’m writing this now because the Teh Tarik (milk tea) I had at Malacca was the equivalent of a 4 shot espresso latte at Starbucks. I asked the waiter to add 1/4 inch of tea because it was too sweet. What came back was milk tea so strong I was able to make 2 glasses of iced milk tea out of it.

Teh Tarik

Friday the 13th means bad luck for some people but this year it meant a whole day of non-stop eating for me! That should mean good luck right? For me it’s bad luck for my body. I must say I’m proud of myself for eating each meal in very moderate proportions. I thank my eating mates who are all skiiiiiiiiny for having such healthy appetites.

1:30 pm – Lunch at Choi Garden
After accompanying my BFF (her term) Debbie to buy a Panasonic LX3, she rewarded me with lunch at Choi’s to eat all her favorite food.

Fish Curd w/ Wintermelon & Golden Mushroom

Millionaire’s Fried Rice (dried scallops, asparagus & egg whites)

Salt & Pepper Spareribs (best in town)

Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant
12 Annapolis St. San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-6042

2 thoughts on “A Pre-Valentine Food Trip part 1

  1. The milk tea sounds great!s The fish curd sounds interesting but I think I would go for the Millionaires Fried Rice but more so for the Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs very MaSarap!!s Fair is fair!s If I help Debbie go shopping will she take me to Choi Gqarden too!s QueenJane Ya didn’t save any Milk Tea for me-That sounds good too! The Milk tea not missing my share;)s Tell us more about the spareribs!sGreat Photos Les!s So when is SoS gonna deliver to Ohio?


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