A Pre-Valentine Food Trip part 2

6:30 pm – Dinner 1 at Malacca with college friends

Whenever I visit my cousins in Virginia, top in my list of places to eat is Penang. This Malaysian restaurant is located in 4933 Bethesda Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 657-2875. So when I read heart-2-heart‘s blog that there is a new Malaysian restaurant in town called Malacca I knew I had to try it. The opportunity came when I received a message in facebook that my college friends wanted to meet up for dinner.

Overall the food was good but not spectacular. The dishes were spiced just right. Nothing was too spicy. The noodles and the rice were not oily unlike in other restaurants. The standout was the fruits rojak which I’ve never tried before.

Teh Tarik or Singaporean pulled milk tea

Fruits Rojak is a refreshing salad make of fried bean curd, pineapple, kang kong cucumber, turnips, green mango in a sweet & spicy shrimp paste dressing.

Roti Canai w/ Dahl Curry

Preserved Mustard & Bean Curd Soup

Penang Cha Kueh Tiaw

Malacca Special Fried Rice

Kailan w/ Crispy Anchovies

Braised Pork Knuckles

Jupiter Place, 136 Jupiter St. Makati
telephone 899-3587
9:30 pm – Dinner 2 at M & M’s house

Thanks to our gracious hosts, Mike and Melanie for the wonderful food. To new friends who provided such interesting, enlightening and titillating conversation. Let me count how many new things I learned tonight. There’s one, TWO and even THREE! (sorry couldn’t resist the private joke).

I only ate 1/2 ok? Shared it with Tisay

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