Eat and Go

This is a new restaurant in SM Megamall’s Atrium.

Their specialty is the London pies. Today they had 3 variants – Salmon & Spinach (bestseller), Juicy Steak and Chicken Ham. The pies are wrapped in a phyllo crust. I bought 4 pieces for the price of 3. I tried the chicken first. I see ham slices, chicken bits and potatoes but somehow all I taste are the potatoes. The crust was light and crisp but they should call it Potato Pie.

chicken and ham pie

Next I tried the bestseller, Salmon & Spinach. Don’t get me wrong I love potatoes but somehow the potatoes in these pies totally overwhelm the fillings. I can taste the salmon bits, there was barely any visible spinach and 1/2 layer of potatoes. After I gave the potatoes to my pomeranians and doused the salmon pie w/ Knorr seasoning was I able to enjoy the remains of the pie. I love savory pies and really wanted to like these pies but sorry I have to give the London pies two thumbs down. Hopefully the steak pie turns out better since steak goes well with potatoes.

Salmon and Spinach pie

side dishes

3/f SM Megamall Atrium
telephone: 635-9559

7 thoughts on “Eat and Go

  1. Thats too bad about the Pasties!s It looks like a nice little place to eat.s How was the steak Pasty?s The ribs and chicken looked good!s Do they serve fish and chips?s That sounds good about now!s The English have also gotten into the Doner Kebap craze there and in Germany.s I loved the doner while in Turkey. s Good stuff!s


  2. Too bad about the steak!s I am fond of potatoes though!s Its hard to make a good pasty without them being a bit dry.s No fish and chips?s Oh yes love that doner kebap!s With fresh yogurt and butter sauce on a fresh pita,s Oh they are great!s Love the Turkish ekmek too!s Great bread that doesn’t seem to get much press.s The Turks have a company called Pinar that makes some great cheese too!s Very as the Turks say Cok Guzel!


  3. no fish and chips. no lamb bec it’s expensive. more in fine dining restaurants and hotels. although a mall restaurant called cafe mediterranean has lamb shawarma and Cyma in another mall has lamb dishes too.


  4. Sorry to hear no fish and chips!s I understand about the lamb but that too is unfortunate!s Eap with New Zealand being not that far away relatively speaking.s Shwarma is a variation on a doner theme bet its really good!s Sounds like an opening for a new section on here!


  5. I went here out of curiosity because I wanted to try their sheperd’s pie. I like the ambiance but the food was just okay…nothing grand though that left me disappointed. But their serving is pretty generous so I gues the price is alright.


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