Birthday Lunch at Antonio’s in Tagaytay

beef fillet wild mushroom & mashed potatoes
Last March my friends and I decided to go to Tagaytay for an overnight stay. For our lunch Jennie volunteered to treat us at Antonio’s for her birthday. Aren’t we lucky?

The last time I was at Antonio’s was in June 2010 and I raved about the place and the food. That post became one of the most visited entries on my blog. To see more on the restaurant’s interiors and a more intensive description of the fabulous food click here.

I’ve never had a black roll before so I was quite eager to try it. It was colored with squid ink but it didn’t taste any different from a regular roll.
Antonio's Tagaytay -squid ink roll
squid ink roll

There were seven of us for lunch but we ordered only 5 entrees and decided to share them. The restaurant kindly split 5 salads and soups into 7 servings. As before I loved the salad with generous bits of gorgonzola cheese complementing the bitter arugula and sweet raspberry vinaigrette.
Antonio's Tagaytay - Antonio's farm fresh mesclun salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette
Antonio’s farm fresh mesclun salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette

Antonio's Tagaytay -mushroom cappuccino
mushroom cappuccino

Prices of the main courses include the soup and salad above plus dessert, coffee or tea. 

The seafood sampler included bite sized portions of scallop, prawn thermidor and Chilean sea bass. It’s probably just right for one but definitely not enough to share among seven people. Everything was delicious!
Antonio's Tagaytay - seafood sampler
seafood sampler P1,600
Chilean sea bass, prawn thermidor, pan seared scallops

This was the same fish from the sampler but a whole portion. Still not big enough in my opinion but it was perfectly cooked and seasoned.
Antonio's Tagaytay - Chilean sea bass
Chilean sea bass, foil baked w/ tomatoes, olives, parsley,
pine nuts & potatoes P1,650

The next three dishes were basically what we had on my first visit to Antonio’s. You know when you’ve eaten something really good in a restaurant you’re hesitant to try something new the next time you go back? I promise to order something totally different the next time I go back to Antonio’s. I feel that the meat dishes are more worth it than the seafood dishes.
grilled beef fillet wild mushroom & mashed potatoes-1
grilled beef fillet wild mushroom & pumpkin sage risoni (instead of mashed potatoes) P1,900

Antonio's Tagaytay -duck leg confit
duck leg confit, Grand Marnier beurre blanc P1,400

Antonio's Tagaytay - herbed roasted rack of lamb
herbed roasted rack of lamb w/ cardamom beurre blanc P1,800

Last time I didn’t like the desserts we ordered. This time all the desserts were outstanding.
Antonio's Tagaytay - dark chocolate souffle
dark chocolate souffle w/ cardamom creme anglaise

My favorite was the creamy panna cotta topped with a tart lemon curd.
yogurt panna cotta w/ lemon curd
yogurt panna cotta w/ lemon curd

Most of us found the sorbets too tart but Deb loved them all.
Antonio's Tagaytay - assorted sorbet
watermelon calamansi, mango & guava sorbets

Antonio's Tagaytay - Felchin Maracaibo chocolate terrine
Felchin Maracaibo chocolate terrine w/ double cream & roasted pistachio

The grilled pineapple was another favorite of the group. The virgin coconut oil ice cream was rather unique too. It had a smoother mouth feel.
Antonio's Tagaytay -grilled sugar cinnamon pineapple
grilled sugar cinnamon pineapple w/ toffee cinnamon & virgin coconut oil ice cream

I don’t like fresh pears. It’s the grainy texture that puts me off. But somehow poaching a pear changes the texture and the pear absorbs the poaching liquid and I suddenly love pears. Don’t miss this dessert.
Antonio's Tagaytay -poached pear in port wine
poached pear in port wine

As usual lunch was superb but I noticed the prices have increased. I included the updated menu below. I hope by the time I go back the prices are the same. Thanks again Jennie for lunch!

Antonio’s updated (price) menu
Antonio's Tagaytay March 2011 menu

Dessert menu
Antonio's Tagaytay March 2011 dessert menu-4

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Barangay Neogan
Tagaytay City, Cavite
Telephone: (046) 413 0975 or (046) 413 1054
Celphone: (0917) 899 2866


6 thoughts on “Birthday Lunch at Antonio’s in Tagaytay

  1. Hi, Leslie! 🙂 I am planning to dine in Antonio’s soon. You mentioned that the price of the entrees/main course already includes soup, salad and dessert? The duck leg confit looks yummy! Php1,400 already includes everything is this right? 🙂 Thank you and more power! 🙂


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