Pork Floss or Mahu

Pork floss or Rousong (肉鬆) is a dried Chinese meat product that can be fluffy or crunchy depending on the manufacturer. Some variations include the addition of seaweed, sesame seeds as well as chicken and fish floss.

Pork floss is commonly eaten as a topping for congee, tofu, and soy milk. It is also used as filling or topping for bread and pastries.

In the Philippines, we call it mahu (fookien term). Before only the Chinese in the Philippines are familiar with mahu. But when Bread Talk, a Singaporean bakery opened in Manila and introduced the pork floss bun mahu was introduced to the mainstream Filipino market. And did they love it. Whenever I pass by Bread Talk I see lines of people with pork floss bun on their trays.

Bread Talk’s pork floss bun

Recently Deb gave me a bag of mahu with nori (seaweed) that she bought in Xiamen. It was the crispiest mahu I’ve ever eaten. Mahu is usually stringy and chewy.

pork floss with nori (seaweed)

Since I don’t like eating congee I thought of the other ways I can use mahu.
1. Spread some mayonnaise on hot toasted pandesal and fill with mahu
2. Mahu on rice
3. Get a slice of white bread and spread with mayonnaise. Top with mahu and roll. I’m sure the kids will love this.

4. Mahu sandwich – bread, tuna filling and mahu
5. Mahu breakfast sandwich – bread, fried egg, mahu and sliced cheese
6. Scrambled eggs topped with mahu
7. Egg salad sandwich with mahu (thanks Janet!)

6 thoughts on “Pork Floss or Mahu

  1. BTW this blog here is so informative.. thanks for sharing your insights and learnings.. I’ll be dropping by more often Ü Good day Leslie!


  2. Pork Floss (mahu/ma-sang) originated from taiwan. There are several type of meat floss product available in the market. Some of the more familiar varieties are pork, beef, chicken, fish, and veggie. Chinese believe that it is more easier to digest, specially for children at young ages. There was once a variety of mahu that was made of frog. Ancient chinese believe that frog meat contains high vitamin and mineral level (fookien term – ya-po), and are served to children with weak body. But because of modernization, less and less people are willing to eat frog meat, thus the frog variation are hardly seen. Our company are in the business of making meat floss for over 30 years now. We were first previously operating a store in ongpin name “eng lai hiong”. But for some reason, our store in ongpin closed down on year 2002. We continuously supply several chinese deli store around the metro upto date. We are offering our product for wholesale. Variation: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish. Application: can be used in bakery, congee, as gift, and other application.For inquiries, please contact me at 0917-8424272 (look for Ken)


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