Food Finds at Makro

Warning before your read on: to the squeamish there a lot of strange animal parts featured below. If you’re Asian continue reading. This is a break from all the mouth watering food from the previous posts.

I shop at Makro for my store‘s weekly food requirements. I buy everything there from beef, pork, fish and vegetables. They have excellent deals for wholesale quantities. The place is clean, air conditioned, free membership and accepts any credit card for my purchases. So why do I need to go to a wet market? Makro is a wholesale club just like Costco or Sam’s Club. But I’m pretty sure you won’t find these meat cuts at Costco.

I wasn’t really planning on taking any pictures in Makro until I saw this pig head while looking for pork belly. After years of shopping in Makro this is the first time I saw a whole pork head being sold. I later learned that Koreans are the ones who buy this. I’m glad I had my camera with me. I then looked around for more unique frozen stuff. (now if somebody calls me pig headed i have the visuals for it)

(click on pic to meet porky in full size)

pork ears

pork trotters
In Asian cultures an animal is not wasted. All parts of a pig, cow, chicken or fish are used and eaten. As with the pictures below of parts of a cow or ox I will start with the top of the head.

ox face

ox tongue

ox tripe

beef bone

ox feet

This one kinda freaked me out. I have no idea what people do with this. I don’t think I want to try it.

day old chicks

This isn’t strange at all. Makro has a long freezer selling all kinds of frozen balls. I bought a pack of each for use in my pancit canton, a noodle dish. These are also very good just fried and eaten with sweet chili sauce.

assorted balls

Makro Cubao
Edsa corner Main Avenue, Quezon City
telephone: 911-8113, 911-4842

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