PAL food MNL to HKG

Happy Easter to all!

Philippine Airlines or PAL gets a lot of criticism for their flights being always delayed, to the chairs not reclining, tv not working and a so on. But I still take it because it has direct flights to California and all my mileage is with PAL. Luckily, I haven’t had any really bad experiences so I continue to support PAL.

Below are pictures of the lounge. It may not be the swankiest lounge or have the best food but they do have something no other lounge in the world has. Read on.

I took the 3 pm flight so the food in the lounge was mostly light snacks.
corned beef sandwiches, hamburger, bacon croissant
mixed salad and a pasta dish that didn’t get refilled
mango crepes
my fave – kopi buns from Kopi Roti
the most awful dimsum
PAL is the only lounge that offers Arroz Caldo or chicken congee. This is the best! They also offer this as snacks on long haul flights. So I don’t really care if the dimsum is bad or the food selection is few. As long as they have hot arroz caldo I’m a happy puppy.
cream of pumpkin soup and arroz caldo
toppings for the arroz caldo
(click on pic)
I just load up on all the toppings except for the chives.
all mixed up
Since my long haul flight last year and several short trips to Hong Kong I’ve noticed the food on the plane has really improved. They partnered with local chefs and restaurants to come up with really good food and dessert.

late lunch menu
The chicken was tasty and tender. The garlic rice was a bit dry. The top vinaigrette must be for the smoked fish and prawns but I used it as a dip for the chicken. I also used the darker colored sauce called sinamak which is a spicy vinegar. I couldn’t decide which was better so I alternated. All the fruits were miraculously sweet.
chicken inasal Bacolod by Chef Fernando Aracama
I heard Cathay Pacific only serves sandwiches on flight from Manila and Hong Kong. Aww that’s so sad.

For the HKG-MNL meal, click here

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