Dinner at Macau Chinese Restaurant

A friend told us about this restaurant. We didn’t even know there was another Macau restaurant in the area. He said the specialty was the chicken with durian. Nope not trying that.

We were pleasantly surprised with the nice ambiance.

shark’s fin soup

Macau baked eel HK$78
(acc. to the menu it’s baked but it came out fried)

This is my favorite “bad” dish. Rice cooked with Chinese sausage & cured meat is really bad for your health with the fat from the duck liver sausage (darker), pork sausage (red) and cured pork dripping and flavoring the rice. But what the heck I’m on vacation!

All the stuff on the plate below are actually cooked on top of the rice in the claypot. They just transferred it to a plate for presentation. A bowl of sweetened soy sauce is also provided. It’s so bad I love it!

There is a method to eating this. First the waiter mixes the rice in the pot til fluffy. Then put some rice in your bowl, top with some slices of sausage and some of the soy sauce mixture. Mix and eat. Another way is just to transfer everything on the plate back to the rice, pour in some sauce and mix everything together. Either way it’s so good.

special baked rice w/ Chinese sausage & cured meat HK$148

We ordered this fish head because it was one of their specialties. We didn’t like this dish very much not because it wasn’t good but because we didn’t know how to eat a fish head. I didn’t like the gelatinous parts of the fish head. Next time we should order something else. I think this restaurant has promise.

sizzling fish head in pot HK$78

Macau Chinese restaurant menu (click to play slideshow)

Macau Chinese Restaurant
Basement Level, 40-46 Lock Rd.

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

telephone: 2628-1990

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