Lunch at Hutong 2

I’m glad I had a chance to eat at Hutong again because the last time we ate there I didn’t bring my camera and had to use my lousy cellphone camera.
Hutong is a very popular and pricey restaurant. It’s no. 9 in the Miele guide to Asia’s Top 20 restaurants for 2008/2009. Their food is unique and is based on traditional Northern Chinese food with a contemporary twist. The restaurant is beautiful with their antique furniture, decorations and even their serveware are antiques. And the view of the harbour from the 28th floor is just spectacular. Eating in Hutong should be experienced even once in your lifetime.

Hu Tong

even the button for the elevator is unique

hanging bird cages at the lobby

view of Hong Kong side from the restaurant

cruise ships docked

our host’s fave room with the best view

assortment of sauces & appetizers

I didn’t like this cold chicken appetizer. It wasn’t salty and I didn’t taste any special flavor. It was just cold, expensive chicken.

hand shredded salty chicken fillet HK$128

a serving of double boiled chicken soup w/ coconut strips

minced pork & fennel seeds dumplings HK$88

This is my favorite dish in Hutong. It’s crispy skin boneless lamb that reminds me of lechon kawali or fried pork belly. It’s their specialty. I wanted to order beggar chicken which I heard was very good in Hutong but when I called to order it one day before I was told they don’t serve it for lunch. How silly is that?

crispy deboned lamb ribs hutong style HK$248

braised mandarin fish fillet w/ preserved vegetable sauce HK$328

sauteed kale w/ salty fish HK$128

wok fried winter bamboo shoots w/ dark soya sauce HK$108

mashed taro pancake for dessert

Menu of Hutong (click to play slideshow)

Hutong Restaurant

28/F One Peking Rd.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 3428-8342

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