I’m back!

I just got home tonight from Singapore. The Singapore airlines flight was great as usual. When we stepped out of the plane into the Ninoy Aquino International Airport I was happy that the aircon was cold. But the elation I felt was immediately squashed when I saw hordes of people in the middle of the hall just standing still busy filling up yellow forms. It was a health declaration form that you have to fill up on the spot before you will be allowed to go through. Why don’t they give the form on the plane just like they did with the immigration form? It’s so stupid!

After that fiasco I was happy to see the immigration line for Philippine passport holders was short. I immediately stepped up to the counter and was handed a NEW immigration form. WHAT?!? The lady said they started the new form today and I had to fill that up and I can’t use the one I already filled up on the plane. Grrr what will all the tourists think? Thank goodness everything was smooth sailing after that.

Enough with the rant. I took 2,800 pictures on my 2 week trip. All I can say is the food in Australia is good and the dessert fabulous. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up by tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. glad you’re back Les , am famished , looking forward to your blog and of course those yummy pictures ……. am on my second week of my GM diet , so better make those pictures good , i’ll satisfy my cravings through my eyes , no choice !


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