Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Winery & Brewery Tour part 1

On our 2nd day in MR we joined Bushtucker Winery & Brewery Tour which costs A$80 for adults and A$30 for kids. We went to 4 wineries – Churchview, Knotting Hill, The Grove, Fermoy Estate – The Margaret River Dairy Co., Margaret River Chocolate Company, and the Duckstein Brewery/Saracen Estates. I’ll be breaking this down into 3 entries due to the numerous pictures.

First we had breakfast at home. Look at the cute eggs we bought at Coles.

We also had the super duper yummy scones we got the day before and some yogurt, soy milk and coffee. Healthy so far. Well it’s just the 2nd day right?

On the left is a fruit scone and on the right is the chocolate scone. Both were very good but the chocolate scone was just to die for! It tasted more like a brownie that’s light and flaky. These were so good that it didn’t need any butter, jam or cream. They cost A$1.70 each or A$5.80 for four.

This is our funny, informative and nice driver/tour guide from Bushtucker Tours. He greets everyone who gets in the bus with a jolly “Silvano is my name” and proceeds to introduce newcomers to the whole group. There were a total of 15 people and 1 kid in our tour group.
Churchview is the first winery we went to. It was around 11:00 am by the time we got there. All the wineries we went to were beautiful and each one had their own charm. Churchview used to be a private home so it’s the smallest and coziest of all.
The guy on the left is the owner of Churchview. He left it up to Silvano to do all the talking. Silvano taught us how to hold the wine glass, how to taste wine and introduced us to different kinds of white and red wines. None of us were wine connoisseurs. All 3 of us were more partial to a lighter, sweeter wine.

the ‘whites’

a description of the white wines we tasted

the ‘reds’

description of the ‘reds’

Knotting Hill is the next vineyard on the list. This is where we had lunch prepared by Silvano. This winery is on the water and has a gorgeous view.

Silvano busy preparing the lunch he brought

This plate is Silvano’s creation. A slice of ciabatta, mixed greens topped with a slice of Australian Cheddar with a Wild Hibiscus Rosella Flower in Syrup on top. The hibiscus flower was very sour so I didn’t eat it. Everything else was fantastic. I suspect everything we ate was store bought but nevertheless it was all good. I think it’s the cool air that whetted our apetite and all the wine we tasted made everything taste so good.

The two green pieces on the top left of the bread is bush lime. It’s eaten to freshen your breath.

I like the aboriginal wood plates used for the breads.

tomato pumpkin herb bread

cold turkey and roast beef

The kangaroo meat was smokey and juicy. It had a meatier texture than ham. Silvano had a sweetish chutney to go with the kangaroo.

cheddar cheese and kangaroo meat

bread spread and chutney
The sundried tomato pesto was my favorite. Except when you bite into a very hot tasmanian peppercorn.

marinated mushrooms & sundried tomato pesto
w/ cashew nuts & hot tasmanian bush peppercorn

my plate

our tour group

silvano’s masterpiece

Silvano said he had a surprise for us after lunch. I thought it was dessert instead he brings out this worm. He said only 3 lucky people can get to try this. Oh joy! Fear Factor Aussie edition.

Silvano and his worm
Guess what? Chris is one of the lucky volunteers chosen.

the other lucky one

Chris’ share of the bounty

Look at her contented face! She said it tasted like cashew and it was very creamy. She loved it! Why o why?

One thought on “Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Winery & Brewery Tour part 1

  1. I think Chris liked it because she had one too many glasses of wine by that time 😉   Bitin ka ba, no dessert?  I thoroughly enjoyed today’s blog post.  Wish I could’ve been there with you!!!  The tour sounds like a great deal!… can’t wait to see the rest of the tour.


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