Perth Day 7 – Part 1 Restaurants in Fremantle

On our second day in Perth we drove our rental car to Fremantle. It’s supposed to be a 20 minute drive but we got confused with some exits in the freeway so it took us a bit longer than that.

Fremantle town hall

There were so many restaurants and shops in Fremantle. We could spend days here. Unfortunately Fremantle Markets with its 150 stalls was closed. We found out that they only open on Friday to Sunday.

We had breakfast in Culley’s Tea Rooms. They had a big variety of pies, baked goods, sandwiches and some hot meals.

pies galore

roast lamb sandwich A$5.10
I had the sausage roll because the steak and mushroom pie was out of stock. I didn’t like it because the sausage filling was too soft and mushy. It’s a good thing P liked it.

sausage roll A$2.20
Their quiche was delicious. We tried 2 kinds.

spinach & broccoli quice A$4.10

quiche lorraine A$4.10

After breakfast we walked around Fremantle. These are just some of the restaurants that caught my interest.

I like the kind of food Pure and Natural sells. If only we had something similar in Manila.

pure and natural

chicken lasagne

spinach & cheese filo, beef bacon & cheese roll
spinach & cheese roll

chicken wraps

outdoor seating

Australia really loves pies. Jesters is a chain selling all sorts of interesting pies. I wish I had space in my tummy to try the lambinator pie.

interesting lambinator pie A$4.50

Boost juice bar

Voglio gelato, pizza

fruity pops



The architecture in Fremantle looks similar to New Orleans doesn’t it?

I wanted to try everything in Croissant Express!

croissants w/ different fillings

pastries galore

bagel sandwiches

Alibaba & 40 Dishes Cafe

mmm shawarma!

baklava & other Turkish pastries
We finally gave in and had dessert at Fremantle Bakehouse.

I just love, love, love this plum & ricotta crumble. I love the contrast of tart, sweet, creamy and crunchy all in one dessert. All of us shared this single slice.

plum & ricotta crumble

Scots Presbyterian Church

Fremantle Markets (closed)

our rental Camry behind a cute electric car

If and when we go back to Perth we’re definitely going to Fremantle on a weekend and have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Now I understand why many forumers online suggest that tourists stay in Fremantle instead of Perth CBD. The restaurants I featured here were just on one street! There were several streets and much more restaurants in Fremantle we have to explore.

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