Where to shop for bargains in Hong Kong?

It’s sale season in Hong Kong now. For those going there to shop this video will help you stretch your dollars.

I made this video last year to show some friends how to get to my favorite shopping streets in Hong Kong. Fa Yuen St. in Prince Edward is a mecca for overrun clothes, toys, shoes, cosmetics and fruits. After that go to Sin Tat for cellphones and accessories then to Mongkok computer centre for all your gadget needs. Last stop is Fa Yuen St. in Mongkok also known as Sport Shoes Street (波鞋街) where you will find all the sneakers and sports stuff your heart desires. You start in Fa Yuen St. Prince Edward and end in Mongkok.

Don’t forget to haggle for the best bargain!

Where to eat in Hong Kong after all that shopping? Click here. You’ll find choices from the cheapest but yummy food to the most expensive chi chi dining options.

Note: It’s not normally this crowded. It was a holiday when I took this video. But avoid going to all these places on weekends. All the locals are out in full force. Very few tourists go to these places.

Fa Yuen St. Market
Boundary street and Dundas street

Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Sin Tat Cellphone Building
Argyle Street, Mongkok

Mongkok Computer Centre
8 Nelson Street
Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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