Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Rochelle and I had a chance to try the lunch buffet at Paul Calvin’s deli located at the Fort.

It’s located at the ground floor of Forbeswoods Heights.

The deli products were sparse the day we were there.

The ground floor was small with only a few tables.

The bigger second floor was where the buffet was located.
The weekday lunch buffet costs P275 only! Where can you find a deal like that in The Fort? Last week I had 1 hamburger for P280.

That’s chef Paul Calvin at the pasta bar.

The food was simple but well cooked. It was the essence of a home cooked meal. There were few choices but you won’t be disappointed with the taste. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and leave full when you eat here.

They also have Sunday brunch for P250 only.

mixed greens

fried rice

yasai itame or stir fried veggies

We were late that’s why the chafing dishes were half full or almost empty. We still managed to eat our fill though.

baked sweet potatoes w/ pineapple

I don’t eat dark meat from chicken but this chicken teriyaki didn’t have the usual dark meat taste. It was fall off the bone tender and it was obviously well marinated.

chicken teriyaki

fish and tofu

The spareribs were our hands down favorite. We finished all of what was left in the pan. It was very tender, juicy and the flavor was yummy.

lemon grass pork spareribs

Korean braised beef

We wondered why this dessert was called betamax brulee. Jay, the marketing officer, told us that this was his mom’s recipe. It’s actually leche flan with carrots below. It was ‘beta carotene to the max’ hence the name betamax. It was delicious but a bit sweet. The leche flan was thick and creamy and the carrots tasted like sweet potato strips. It added texture and complemented the leche flan. What an ingenious way to add veggies to dessert.

betamax brulee

Thank goodness they came out with a new one.

fruit tarts

fresh fruits

The malunggay loaf is their bestseller. Another veggie meets dessert creation. This would be a great snack for kids who don’t eat veggies. It tasted like banana or carrot cake. You don’t taste the malunggay at all. They sell this in the restaurant too.

malunggay loaf

Jay Em and Paul Calvin

They sell different kinds of bread and cakes on the ground floor.

garlic bread and pandesal

custard cake, blueberry muffin,
pandan cupcake

calabaza, carrot & banana cakes

Paul Calvin’s Deli
Unit 1111 Forbes Town Center,
Fort Bonifacio, Fort Bonifacio,
Taguig 1201 Philippines
telephone: 856-5900

2 thoughts on “Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

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  2. i couldnt help but look at the betamax creme brulee. To be honest, it doesn’t rli look like creme brulee because the ones i know were always torched on top to give it that burnt crisp fnish look but this one also looks good and interesting! i love the way they used carrot on the dessert which gives u ur 5-a-day portion of veggie i suppose hehe..i also love carrots used on asian dessert “gajar halwa” have you tried it? if you liked the creme brulee dessert, i think you’ll also enjoy this asian pudding 🙂 x


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