Dinner at Choi Garden

We had a special dinner at Choi Garden last Saturday to welcome the 2 grandsons of our host who came home for a short vacation and a break from their studies in the US. Naturally we had to let them try our favorite Chinese restaurant, Choi Garden.

Some of the dishes here were also featured here.

crispy lechon and roast pork

It was our first time to try this soup. It was fabulous! It was neither too hot nor too sour. It was just plain good.

hot and sour soup

This beef ribs dish is becoming a staple in our menu.

pepper beef ribs

I always thought Peking Garden had the best Peking duck in Manila. After eating Choi’s Peking duck I’ve changed my mind. This duck is more flavorful and more moist. My only complaint was the duck wrapper which hardened very quickly after a few minutes. It was good but you have to eat it very fast or just order more wrappers since what comes with the duck wasn’t enough.

Peking Duck

These are the duck’s bones from the Peking duck which were seasoned re-fried. If I wasn’t already so full I would have munched on a lot of these uber yummy and juicy bones. (buto pa lang ulam na!) Can someone translate that nicely for our foreign readers?

fried duck bones

steamed fish w/ garlic

e-fu noodles

pechay w/ smoked ham

These fried siopao dough or man tao was served with the crab. I guess you dunk it in the sauce of the crab. Although it was great eaten plain too.

man tao

fresh crab in tomato sauce

This is Michelle my 10 yr. old assistant who took the bathroom pictures below as well as several pictures here.


These are the bathroom cubicle doors. They look like lacquered Chinese paintings.

Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant
12 Annapolis St.
cor. Purdue St.
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-6042

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Choi Garden

  1. The Peking Duck was served 2 way?  Skin, meat served with the buns and then the rest were deep fried?  I like the idea of deep frying the bones but I have not seen before. 


  2. Yup it was served two ways. Pwede rin ata 3 ways- one is soup made from the bones, meat and skin with wrapper and sauteed with veggies. Maximised talaga one duck.


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