Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

I love to drink tea. I collect all kinds of tea from the tea bag kind, sleep teas, fruit teas and exotic loose leaf white tea from China. I also collect really thin glass tea pots and cups. But I use a plastic kettle I bought from Makro for P600 or $12 to boil water. This Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti in orange would look great in my kitchen! But I don’t think I’ll spend $300 for it.

The Vera Electric Kettle has electronic control for all functions to achieve desired temperature (between 113 and 212°F) for making tea. There’s a screen embedded in the handle which displays the temperature and a clock that shows the time and offers a self timer to have your hot water ready and waiting for you.

It will be out in September for $300.

via Unplugged

One thought on “Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

  1. Many people prefer stainless steel kettles rather than plastic kettles. But, this model is excellent and i prefer to buy this Vera electric kettle because it has self timer and many other good features. Thank you…


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