Lunch at Minato Korean and Japanese Restaurant

The food committee of our HS homecoming was supposed to have a meeting with the caterer in Greenhills. Somehow this meeting evolved to lunch in Minato Korean and Japanese restaurant in Pasig City. It’s funny but my classmates are so easy to invite for lunch. Just one text and they’re there.

Minato was highly recommended by Arlene and Rochelle after they saw my entry on Yedang Korean restaurant. Rochelle tried Yedang with me and said Minato was better. So we tried it today.The signage for the restaurant is tiny and there are two Korean restaurants in 8137 Plaza. Minato is the one on the right.

Only tables on the floor had individual exhausts.

hungry classmates
They have a different assortment of free appetizers from Yedang. I only liked the potato sticks with ham and the spicy pancake in the middle. You can order as many refills as you want.
I definitely liked Yedang’s bibim bap so much more. This one didn’t have any flavor. It was just rice topped with veggies. I don’t even think the rice was cooked in the stone pot.

dol sot bibim bap P250
We had all our barbecue dishes cooked in the kitchen instead of cooking it on the table ourselves because they didn’t have individual exhausts above the grill. Rochelle said you will definitely smell of barbecue if you cooked it yourself.The roast beef was not marinated. It was very tender and just right when dipped with the salty sesame oil based sauce.

roast beef P350
The marinated short ribs were my favorite. It was very juicy and flavorful. We had 2 orders of this and it still wasn’t enough.

so kal bi P300

The grilled marinated pork ribs were also very good but not as fabulous as the beef ribs.

grilled marinated pork ribs P270

The pork belly strips show here is 2 orders on one plate. It was quite lean. It wasn’t marinated so it didn’t make a very big impact on me.

grilled pork belly strips P240

The pajeon or seafood pancake in Yedang was filled with more seafood and was heartier. Minato’s pa jun was thin and the filling was very sparse. It was still ok though.

he mul pa jun (seafood pancake) P300
The fish was very fresh and the texture was very fine. The fish was only half a fish. The flip side of the fish was bare.

broiled sea bream P350
After lunch Deb and Kathy went to the Korean grocery next door and bought an assortment of Korean ice cream. The first one had a waffle like outside layer and a red bean and ice cream filling.

nougat & cream on a stick


apple flavored popsicle
I had the walnut ice cream. It was smooth, mildly flavored and tasted like walnuts. Everyone enjoyed their ice cream.

walnut ice cream
Photobomber alert on the next 3 pictures!

check out the background and those below

strawberry ice cream
See? We did get some work done!

location map of MinatoMinato Menu
noodles & rice, soups & stews, seafood
meat, more meat, shabu shabu, drinks

Minato Korean and Japanese Restaurant
8137 Plaza‎ St. Josemaria Escriva Drive
San Antonio, Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines
telephone : 633-6960


2 thoughts on “Lunch at Minato Korean and Japanese Restaurant

  1. Best place to eat a nice home cooked korean meal is around Makati Avenue and BF homes.  Homes of Korean families with a small resto on the ground floor.. Nothing beats “Um-Ma’s” cooking.  


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