What’s for Merienda?

Last Saturday 27 of my classmates had a dance rehearsal for our upcoming homecoming. I was there just to shoot the video and take pictures. No dancing for me!

As usual some kind souls brought merienda or afternoon snack for the tired dancers. There was no plan on who will bring what. So I was very impressed with the food they brought. The white plastic bag on the left is a giant bag of chicharon (pork rind) that Florence brought.

Someone brought these yummy brown puto. I wasn’t able to try it but I heard raves about it.

All the food were store bought or ordered except for this walnut and raisin bread pudding super mom, Janet baked. She must cook and bake with her eyes closed. I don’t know where she finds time since her days aare packed with activities. As usual it was excellent.

walnut and raisin bread pudding

Cherry brought 2 boxes of beef patties from De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop. They’re my favorite.

beef patties

Mimi brought her aunt’s special homemade shark’s fin dumplings and Yvonne brought the siomai. It was very good and two baskets were all wiped out.

shark’s fin dumplings

Deb ordered 2 big bilaos of Red Ribbon’s pancit palabok.

pancit palabok P510

The discovery of the day was the cassava cake Cef brought. They were still warm when we opened and ate all three boxes she brought. It was very sticky and different from any cassava cake I’ve ever eaten. It also had some strips of coconut mixed in it and some grated cheese on top. It also wasn’t very sweet which is always a plus. Everyone loved the cassava cake. Thanks Cef for introducing this to us.

Ten-Four’s cassava cake P170

I was a good girl since I only had 1 dumpling, a bite of the bread pudding, and some cassava cake. It’s not that I didn’t like the food it was because I was still full from having lunch at Asian Twist. Db and I went straight to the rehearsals from lunch. Even though we were full we still had our fill of the yummy cassava cake. Our batch motto is work hard, eat harder.

De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop
Ground Level Greenbelt
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St.
Ayala Center Makati, Metro Manila
Phone Number: 894-4956
Red Ribbon Delivery
telephone: 8-7777
Ten-Four Cassava Cake
97 C. Kamuning Road, QC
telephone: 411-9401
278 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., QC
telephone: 741-5030
174 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Ave (Retiro)
cor. Isarog St, QC
telephone: 413-0321
221-C N. Domingo St.
cor. Pinaglabanan St.
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 721-7344
Shaw Blvd. cor 29 de Augusto St.
telephone: 407-3345
Kamias Brgy. Pinahan
telephone: 433-3796
Araneta Ave. along Puregold
telephone: 712-1244
Sharksfin Dumplings and other dimsum call:
Mary Jean Tan at 840-0258

6 thoughts on “What’s for Merienda?

  1. I love cassava cake too! Try Buddy’s special budin (cassava cake), it’s sooo yummy! 😀 It’s available in Market! Market! in Taguig 🙂  for P49, you get a round shaped cassava cake (approx. same size as a solo pizza), good for sharing already.I also love puto.. esp. the one from Pangasinan!!


  2. Thanks pink! I’m deinitely going to buy from Buddy’s when I go to Market Market? Where is it located? Is it the regional carts area? or inside the mall?


  3. It’s outside the mall.. the food area where they have inihaw and stuff! DO try their pancit habhab & chami too… soooo good!! 😀


  4. What’s for merienda? I found this while walking around Shangri-la Plaza… Check out C2 Classic Cuisine’s “Unlimited C2 Eat”, their unlimited merienda promo. Here’s their facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150491649185042&set=a.136582445041.141635.136580935041&type=1&ref=nf


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