Shopping for relief goods for the flood victims

Yesterday I went to Makro for my weekly shopping for my store, SOS. What I saw there touched my heart. There were almost no push carts available and the lines were long. Majority of the people in the lines were buying food and supplies to be donated to the victims of the flooding caused by typhoon Ondoy. I’m sure this scenario is duplicated in all the supermarkets in Manila.

From my count these look like 3,000 eggs. They’ll probably boil these and hand out hard boiled eggs for a quick and filling meal.

Someone bought all these sacks of rice.

Styro packaging for packed meals.

Cases and cases of instant noodles. Makro Cubao actually ran out of instant noodles. An employee told me that people have been buying hoards of goods since the day before. Instant noodles, canned sardines and rice were the most popular purchases.

Some bought what they can afford. That’s really the spirit of the Filipinos. Giving whatever they can big or small. Everyone comes together in times of crisis.

buckets of cookies

cases of powdered milk

instant noodles and laundry soap

This is my humble contribution. I thought that since many people were already giving food I would give bath and laundry soap. From the pictures and videos I’ve seen the people were all covered in mud. I figured they would need the soap. I bought 384 bars of bath soap, 492 bars of laundry soap and a case of instant coffee. I immediately dropped these off at my high school, Immaculate Conception Academy where they continue to receive and repack donated goods.

The rice and oil in the picture are for my store.

bath soap

laundry soap

So whatever you can share be it a loaf of bread or a case of sardines go to the nearest drop off point and do your share. Better still if you can donate your time and help repack and distribute the goods. The list of places accepting goods are here.

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