The China Club, Hong Kong

dim sum combination
We were invited for lunch at the China Club, a members only Shanghai-style club and restaurant located at the top 3 floors of the old Bank of China building in Central, Hong Kong.

China Club HK

I loved the elevator which was covered with prints of popular Chinese cartoon, Old Master Q (老夫子; Lǎo Fū Zi). My dad used to buy me these comic books when I was a kid. Not that I understood what was written but I enjoyed looking at the humorous pictures.
China Club's lift

Lǎo Fū Zi

Lǎo Fū Zi

We got off at the 13th floor and had to walk up to the 15th floor where we were going to eat lunch. All the walls were covered with old retro Chinese art. It was incredible. I felt like I was in a modern art museum.
China Club HK-4

Here are some of the art works on the walls.
China Club HK-6

China Club HK-5

Yu Youhan's Mao and Whitney Houston
Yu Youhan’s Mao and Whitney Houston

China Club HK-8

China Club HK-9

China Club HK-10

China Club HK-11

Check out the giant shoes!
China Club HK-12

This was the famous Long March bar.
long march bar

The library which houses several thousands of books is also a venue for small parties.

My favorite was this outdoor lounge area.
China Club HK-16

You get a view of Central’s financial district. This must be a popular venue for drinks a night.
China Club HK-17

We finally get to the function room which had two tables for our big group.
function room

China Club HK-20

China Club HK-21

Even the glass was retro.
China Club HK-36


The food was served to us in small plates. Overall the food was just satisfactory. It was good but it wasn’t outstanding.
dim sum combination
dim sum combination

roasted suckling pig w/ barbecued pork
roasted suckling pig w/ barbecued pork

China Club waiter

clear chicken broth w/ seafood
clear chicken broth w/ seafood

sauteed prawns in sze chuan sauce
sauteed prawns in sze chuan sauce

roasted Peking duck
roasted Peking duck

sauteed pea shoot w/ garlic
sauteed pea shoot w/ garlic

yeung chow fried rice
yeung chow fried rice

China Club HK-37

egg custard tartlet
egg custard tartlet

fresh fruit platter
fresh fruit platter

I was shocked to find a bathtub in the bathroom of our function room. I later found out that the room used to be where the manager of the old Bank of China lived.
China Club HK-22

China Club HK-24

China Club HK-23

China Club
my assistant photographer

After lunch we toured the 13th floor where the main dining room was.
China Club HK-38

China Club HK-39

China Club HK-40

China Club HK-41

China Club HK-42

China Club HK-43

China Club HK-44
China Club owner, Sir David Tang and Princess Diana

China Club HK-45

Dining at China Club was a visual feast more than anything else. One goes there to soak in the atmosphere of old Shanghai, enjoy the artwork and the decor. Food was only secondary. If you have the chance to go to the China Club do so. It’s worth the experience.

The China Club
12/F, The Old Bank of China Building,
Bank Street, Central, Hong Kong,
telephone +852 25218888

5 thoughts on “The China Club, Hong Kong

  1. Very nice post!!!  Very interesting to read and look through-lots of history there!  Great pics!  My favorite was the one with the cute young lady standing by those large shoes!   I enjoyed very much!  Much better than having to look at all the snow here in Ohio.  La, I hope you were able to dig out of the snow in Va.  Hi Mother Cheng!  Hope things are well there!Beau


  2. to Sir David TANG ,all I can read and get know about the CHINA CLUB and You over 8, 9 years ….but all I CANNOT find the way to contact you over 5 years….” HK return ! ”  香港回归     is about my collection of artworks . The unique space to house my collection is ,"THE CHINA  Club", in your hand 。。。the dream of my artist life can come true ?  gao.q.f


  3. Sorry, I’d just like to point out that the Mao and Whitney piece is by Yu Youhan – a Chinese contemporary artist, not Andy Warhol.


  4. I remember it was a different location when I went when I was younger. My aunt brought us there and it was so nostalgic!! Servers were all wearing in theme uniforms/costumes. It was so nice! I wish I can go back!! But I guess they changed locations na

    Love, Didi


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