Dinner at Arirang Korean Restaurant

Did you know that Arirang was the first Korean restaurant that opened in Hong Kong in 1964? The last time I ate in Arirang it was still in another location. Arirang moved to Ocean terminal in 1999. That means I haven’t eaten in Arirang in ten years. We decided to eat there for dinner since I was craving for Korean food.

We were served the usual Korean cold appetizers.

Naturally, we had to order the barbecue short ribs.

wahng gahibi marinated double size special short ribs HK$220
The quality of the beef was excellent. There was a good amount of marbling in the beef to make it tender and juicy when grilled.
Since I was your typical boring Filipino, I ordered the dishes which were familiar to me. The names of the food were spelled differently from the Korean restaurants in Manila but I still recognized them by the English description. The seafood pajeon was served in a hot cast iron skillet. As a result the bottom of the pancake was crisp. I liked it very much compared to some restaurants which served it almost soggy.

haemool juhn seafood & vegetables pancake HK$150

dolsot bibimbahb vegetables, beef & egg in stone pot HK$110
the rice all mixed up
Unbelievable but the Korean ginseng chicken soup was much better at Yedang in Manila.

sahmgehtahng ginseng chicken HK$130
We were given sikhye, a Korean rice beverage, served as dessert. We didn’t drink it because it was tooooooo sweet.

Overall the food was good but not overwhelmingly better than the Korean restaurants in Manila. For the price of dinner I could have eaten at Yedang three times more. Only the beef at Arirang was superior to Yedang. Anyway, it was a pleasant change from all the Chinese and French food we had in Hong Kong.
Arirang Korean Restaurant
Shop G07, Ground Floor,
Ocean Terminal, Harbour City
TST, Hong Kong
telephone: 2956 3288
1105 Food Forum,
Times Square
1 Matheson Street,
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Arirang Korean Restaurant

  1. I think the food here is definitely way better than Manila’s Korean restaurants. I go back every single time I’m in Hong Kong.  🙂  


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