Lunch at H.K. Choi

H.K. Choi opened last October 13, 2009 at the Atrium of SM Megamall. I was excited to try this restaurant since it was being managed by Choi Garden. I wondered if the food was as good as the original.

These hanging lamps rotate on their own. Oh, the wonders of things made in China.

Mila invited me to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Actually it was a celebration of 3 of our birthdays which were within weeks of each other. So it was really Mila, Marilou and me who were treating Cherry for lunch.

We ordered ham sui kok, one of my favorite dim sum dishes. Ham Sui kok is a fried dumpling made with a sticky dough and filled with a savory meat mixture. This is best eaten hot and freshly cooked. This was one of the best ham sui kok I’ve ever eaten in Manila. It’s almost at par with those in Hong Kong.

ham soy kok or ham sui kok P80

inside the ham sui kok

We all loved the fried beancurd. It was the perfect appetizer.

fried beancurd w/ salt & pepper P140

I’ve ordered the hot prawn salad at Choi Garden and it was very crisp and delicious. This was a pale comparison. The shrimp wasn’t crispy at all. It wasn’t bad if you don’t compare it to the one at Choi Garden.

hot prawn salad P300

We made an error ordering 2 very similar soupy dishes. Nevertheless both were good.

hand made fish ball w/ vegetable P240

vegetables w/ sotanghon in pot P220

dried scallop w/ egg white fried rice P320

The waitress suggested this dish as it’s one of their most popular dishes. It’s my personal favorite at Choi Garden. Boy, was it disappointing. The pork had a weird soapy taste. It was so inferior compared to Choi Garden. We had to reject this dish since no one liked it because of the weird taste. It was good of them to remove it from our bill. I hope they improve this.

fried spareribs w/ salt & pepper P240

It’s not fair to compare H.K. Choi with Choi Garden since this restaurant is geared towards the mall crowd. They lowered the price of the dishes and some quality had to suffer. From the few dishes that I’ve tried I can say it’s a decent Chinese restaurant for the mall. I think I’ll give their dim sum and rice toppings a try next time. So ladies when are we going back?

H.K. Choi
2/F SM Megamall Atrium
telephone: 382-7757

2 thoughts on “Lunch at H.K. Choi

  1. hk management are cheaters! they did not accept our senior citizens card saying the meal was already discounted! they do not abide by the law, they are cheating senior citizens and they are lazy! with lousy trainees & waiters, lousy food and a management that cheats!!!!!!


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