Rome: B&B San Pietro alle Fornaci

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-010
Without a doubt my favorite hotel/B&B in our European vacation was the B&B San Pietro alle Fornaci in Rome. A plus was it’s location which was a 5 minute walk to the Vatican and it was surrounded with restaurants and a Carrefour supermarket nearby. Another thing we appreciated was the bus stop right in front of our building which we used a lot.

We were met by Andrei who manages the B&B for his boss along with three other properties.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-001

We were fascinated with all the keys he carried around.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci

There was an elevator in the building.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-002

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-003

Sharon had the room right beside the entrance. It had a huge bed as well as another twin sized bed. Easily 3-4 people can fit in this room.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-004

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-008

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-005

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-006

The B&B had 3 rooms and our was at the end of the hallway.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-009

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-007

I loved the big room and simple decor.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-010

Nice bathroom too!
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-011

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-014 B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-015

Hairdryer and shampoo

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- room safe
room safe

Our room had a balcony but not much of a view so we never opened the door since we preferred the comfort of the cold air-condition.

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-012 B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-013

My most favorite part of this B&B was the washing machine and dryer. We quickly bought laundry detergent from Carrefour and did our laundry everyday. Yehey no more hand washing and clothesline.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- washing machine & dryer

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- kitchen

We were free to use the espresso machine, water kettle and refrigerator (inside the cabinet) as much as we want.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-019

This De’Longhi machine used pods and Andrei taught us how to make lattes. Wherever there’s free good coffee we’re happy.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-020

Every morning Andrei would bring a big box of bread, danish, croissant and ham & cheese sandwiches for our breakfast. He would also serve us blood orange juice. Not the best bread but it was good enough for our breakfast.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- breakfast

I still ate my daily yogurt for breakfast which Rochelle bought from Carrefour.

B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- yogurt B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci- breakfast

There was free wifi in the B&B too. What more can I ask for? I HIGHLY recommend B&B San Pietro alle Fornaci  to anyone planning travel to Rome. It’s very easy to communicate with the owner, Marius since he responds to our email immediately. He was also very helpful with arranging our transportation and whatever else we needed.
B&B San Pietro Alle Fornaci-025

B&B San Pietro alle Fornaci
Via delle Fornaci 49, 00165 Rome, Italy
telephone: 0039-3408199268

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  1. Nice Bed and Breakfast,indeed! I love to stay in B&B’s as they are luxurious and affordable as well. It is the nice way to experience local culture and cuisine. On my vacation I went to Kidlington and choose to stay in B&B and I am having very good experience.


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