Dinner at M Cafe

I was recently invited to have thanksgiving dinner at M Cafe. The host was United States Potato Board. The dinner was all about the many uses of frozen potato products like french fries, nuggets, mashed potatoes and many others. I was excited since it was my first time to eat at M Cafe and I love potatoes.

Our table was decorated with different gourds which are popular symbols for the US holiday of Thanksgiving.
M Cafe

This was the view from my seat. Huge balls of light illuminate the outside dining area of M Cafe. M Cafe is short for Museum Cafe and it’s right next to the Ayala museum in Greenbelt.
M Cafe-1

M Cafe’s chef Sau del Rosario explained to us the challenge of using potatoes in all the dishes he was serving to us tonight. He expressed his surprise in the versatility of frozen potatoes in it’s taste and consistency which even beats local potatoes.
M Cafe-2
Chef Sau Del Rosario

My fish wasn’t crispy but I didn’t care because it was so tender and the flavor was divine. The mashed potatoes were also so good I can’t believe it was from frozen potatoes. They just tasted so fresh.
Crispy Seabass
crispy seabass, parsley brandade, root vegetable floss,
rosemary orange beurre blanc

Next up was my favorite seared foie gras. It was my first time to have seared foie gras served in a soup. I loved the crisp crust of the foie gras. It provided excellent contrast to the rich and creamy soup. The soup wasn’t thick but it was smooth and very aromatic.
Seared foie gras, US scallop potato peat soup
seared foie gras, US scallop potato pea soup
Seared foie gras, US scallop potato pea soup

The smell of the truffle oil on this pasta dish made me swoon. The sauce and the mushrooms were very good. I just didn’t like the texture of the gnocchi which reminded me of wet mushy bread. It was too soft and just blah. I wish they used regular pasta. Penne or ravioli would have been so much better.
Porcini & truffle gnocchi
porcini & truffle gnocchi

I was very full already at this point. The pork tenderloin was tender but nothing really special. The potato spinach flan was unique although it lacked flavor.
Baked pork tenderloin
baked pork tenderloin, potato spinach flan, mustard sauce

The dessert was similar to silvanas. It was good but only the first layer was crunchy while the rest was soggy.
Potato torte, white chocolate
potato torte, white chocolate

Overall I liked the food and presentation. I have to go back to try their regular menu soon.

M Cafe
Glass Wing, Ayala Museum
Makati Ave. cor. De la Rosa St.
Makati City
telephone: 757-3000, 757-6000

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