Melbourne – Borek Bakehouse


Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-008
If I could eat borek everyday I would, well, maybe for a week. I was introduced to borek, a Turkish pastry stuffed with delicious fillings, at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. There’s just something so satisfying about biting into warm savory pastry and hearing the audible crunch and tasting an explosion of flavors.

Walking to Queen Vic we passed by Borek Bakehouse on Elizabeth Street and tried their borek to see how it compares to the one we had at the market.
Borek Bakehouse Melbourne

Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-001

Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-002
gozleme A$6

Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-003
simit A$2

Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-004
zucchini patties A$1.50
Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-005

Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-006

I wish I tried the pide too since it looks delicious.
Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-007

I ordered spicy lamb and it had quite an explosive kick. The flavors were bold and complemented the mild pastry. So which borek was better? I say it’s a tie. Both were served warm, fresh and very crunchy.
Borek Bakehouse Melbourne-008

Borek Bakehouse
481 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, VIC 3000

6 thoughts on “Melbourne – Borek Bakehouse

  1. OMG, I love Turkish food, especially the starters (meze). Right now, I;m salivating at the zucchini patties, called “Mücver” (mooj-VEHR) in Turkish, a zucchini ukoy! Simit is mainly consumed at breakfast and is a popular street vendor food. Börek comes in many forms, there’s even one called Sigara Böreği (Cigarette Börek) which looks like lumpiang prito, it’s mainly filled with feta cheese and parsley. I’ve been to Turkey 7 times and the food in your photos look VERY authentic.


  2. You MIGHT try Pasha Mediterranean Cuisine in Greenbelt 3, although I personally have never dined there. The owner and/or chef is actually Turkish (at least as of 2 years ago), maybe you can ask for menu assistance with the more Turkish dishes as they seem to offer various foods from the eastern Mediterranean. I think his name is Ilhan (eel-hahn), address him as “Ilhan Bey” (“Mr. Ilhan”), in Turkish you address men by their 1st name followed by Bey.Afiyet olsun! (Bon appétit!)


  3. That was my favorite breakfast in Melbourne too! Borek from the Stall in Queen Vic with the ladies who get mad when you don’t give your order ASAP! haha! I miss the lamb borek!


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