Sugarhouse cakes

chocolate truffle cake
I believe the best cakes are found in Manila. The choices from numerous cake shops and home bakers are endless and the majority are very good and affordable. I’m not impressed with the cakes sold in Hong Kong and the USA. I’m sure there are very good cakes there but they cost double or triple than the ones in Manila. And that means it’s unlikely that I’ve tried it. What, I’m cheap? Yeh!

I haven’t eaten in Sugarhouse in ages. I forgot who suggested it but I never say no to dessert. Sugarhouse is one of the best and most reliable cake shops in Manila. My all time favorites are the French apple pie which for me is still the best apple pie in town and the almond sans rival which I had for my birthday.

We tried out their new and not so new cakes. First up is the strawberry shortcake. It’s not bad but it’s not in the league of Bizu or Mrs. Yulo’s.
strawberry shortcake
strawberry shortcake – 8″ P800

The chocolate truffle cake is Sugarhouse’s bestselling cake. It’s super moist and the chocolate frosting in dark and rich.
chocolate truffle cake
chocolate truffle cake – baby P150, 9″ P860
chocolate truffle cake

The triple x is made of layers of chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and cream cheese filling. This cake should be illegal!
triple x
triple x – 7″ P900

happy amigas

I thought dessert was the end of our night little did I know we would end up in Deb’s house for caviar pie and crackers. We demolished this pie that night. It was my first time to try caviar pie. It wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. I tasted mostly the thick cream cheese base and the onions. It overpowered the caviar. It tasted better with just the upper layer of cream cheese with caviar on top.
caviar pie

caviar pie

All 3 cakes we ate that night were good but I’ll stick to my beloved French apple pie.

Sugarhouse menu
salads & soups, pasta & sandwiches, real meals,
cakes & pies, cheeecake, coffee, beverages


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