Dessert at UCC Park Cafe

siphon coffee
Our lunch at Lili Cantonese restaurant didn’t include coffee or dessert and we must have that to complete our meal. From Malate we headed to The Fort to UCC Park Cafe to satisfy our need for caffeine and sugar.

UCC Park Cafe

They had all sorts of Japanese coffee for sale at the entrance.
UCC Park Cafe-2

UCC Park Cafe-3

UCC Park Cafe-4

UCC Park Cafe-5

I love the cakes of UCC. They had a lot of choices but I had my favorites so it wasn’t hard to choose 3 from all of these mouthwatering desserts.
UCC Park Cafe cakes

UCC Park Cafe cakes

UCC Park Cafe cakes

UCC Park Cafe cakes

UCC Park Cafe-11

UCC is popular for making and serving their coffee using a siphon coffee maker. Each cup of coffee is made only upon order guaranteeing its freshness.
siphon coffee
siphon coffee

The first cake I chose was this ginormous banana carrot cake. This had to be the moistest cake I’ve ever eaten. Layers of banana and carrot cake alternate to produce this 4 layer cake frosted with yummy cream cheese frosting.
banana carrot cake
banana carrot cake P225

UCC’s macadamia sans rival is definitely going into my list of Manila’s best sans rival.  Their sans rival was super crunchy and just had the perfect amount of buttercream. The macadamia nuts were just a perfect addition to this scrumptious dessert.
macadamia sans rival
macadamia sans rival P220
macadamia sans rival

For me the best chocolate dessert in UCC is the chocolate xanadu. It looks deceptively simple in this picture.
chocolate xanadu
chocolate xanadu P220

When you split it open you can see the complex layers of chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate cake, chocolate chips, and cashew meringue. I guarantee you will moan when you take your first bite. The cake was the perfect combination of creamy, soft, crunchy and 100% sinful. 
chocolate xanadu

9 friends, 3 cakes, 7 coffees, big smiles and a perfect end to a day of eating.



UCC Park Cafe menu
coffee, salads & sandwiches, Japanese pizza toast & spaghetti,
gratin & omurice, Japanese curry rice, casserole & risotto,
waffles & French toast, ice blended coffee, ice cream floats, desserts

UCC Park Cafe
26th St. Forbes Town Center,
Bonifacio Global City Taguig
telephone: 845-1365 / 884-2477

9 thoughts on “Dessert at UCC Park Cafe

  1. leslie, i really love how you take pictures of everything. makes your blog so informative. my heart belongs to UCC tiramisu, but after reading this, i know i have to try their xanadu!


  2. small world?  hindi yata.  small world is Pinas.  San Juan is walking distance, especially if you’re stuck in traffic for an hour like i was this morning! 🙂   tiny world ang ICA!


  3. ano ka ba?  ikaw nga jang mas bagong me 71 followers no!  tapos me live traffic feed ka!  di ko alam kung panong gawin yun, no.  ya, i wanted to be incognito kase so i used chinoyeater instead of chinayeater.  saka me chinay na yata, e.  me total visitors ka pa, Rate my blog!  my cousin-in-law made my logo.  it’s huge because i clicked on huge sa “header” setting, is all.  i think.


  4. dear leslie, everytime i read your blogs i always have an urge to try the food/ drink you’re describing! You’re such a terrific blogger! I love your photos and descriptions on the subject! More power to your blog!


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