Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine

Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-1

We stay so close to iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui we decided to try out all the restaurants there since all were new to us. In the next few posts I will take you on a tour of the restaurants we tried in iSquare. We were eager to try Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine which had all our Chinese comfort food. It’s menu is similar to Sweet Dynasty and our favorite Hang Heung. On a side note, I’m sad to report that yesterday was Hang Heung’s last day of operations in New World Center. The whole mall is going to be demolished for a bigger building. We had our farewell dinner there last night. At least they still have a branch at HK airport.

The place had a nice, modern Chinese inspired interior.
Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-2

Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-3

These were some of their special dishes. The prices seemed reasonable.
Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-4

Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-5

Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-6

Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine-7

When I saw the words tai pai dong milk tea I immediately ordered a cup. I was hoping it was the authentic milk tea served in tai pai dongs or open-air food stalls where this drink was made popular. Alas, it was simply weak, uninspired tea with milk. No comparison to my favorite nai cha from Cafe de Coral. And it was double the price too!
tai pai dong milk tea
tai pai dong milk tea Hk$16

I forgot what the seasonal soup was. I wasn’t able to try it either.
seasonal soup
seasonal soup Hk$20

The boneless Hainanese chicken was bland and mediocre. The chicken rice was hard, dry and tasteless. I wouldn’t order this dish again.
hoi nan chicken w/ rice
hoi nan chicken w/ rice $68

The flat rice noodles were pretty decent. It wasn’t as oily as other restaurants and I give them points for that.
black bean flat vermicelli w/ beef slices
black bean flat vermicelli w/ beef slices HK$50

My favorite dish was the crab congee. The congee was unusually flavorful and had a touch of sweetness from the crab. The texture of the congee was a bit sticky and not runny like in other places. I want to try their other congee next time. And to think I’m not much of a congee eater.
fresh crab congee in hot pot
fresh crab congee in hot pot HK$28

They had a very, very extensive menu. Their menu went on and on and on. It was pretty hard to decide what to order that’s why we ended up with this. I want to try this place again and will order wisely next time. But from what we’ve eaten we still love Hang Heung more.

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Praise House Congee & Noodle Cuisine
Shop 705, 7/F, iSquare
63 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui

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