Dinner at Te quick pasta & herb tea

spaghetti Japonese
We went to iSquare for dinner on a Saturday night and all the restaurants were full. We ended up at Te where all the white chairs were waiting to be filled. I first saw Te at the food court of the Venetian hotel in Macau. I didn’t really pay attention to it until I saw it again at iSquare. Pasta wasn’t really my choice for dinner but might as well try this Japanese import.


Te’s concept

The menu had a variety of sauces for all tastes. Te only serves spaghetti to keep the choices simple.
Te menu

Te menu

The open kitchen was small and the set up was very simple. They really brought out the pasta in minutes.


The Caesar salad was not Italian or Filipino or American style. Japanese style Caesar salad used a thin, white slightly sour and lightly salty dressing without cheese, bacon bits or croutons. It was different. At least the lettuce was fresh and crisp.
caesar salad
caesar salad HK$25

The pasta was al dente which was amazing since prep time was only a few minutes. It must be quick cooking pasta. The spaghetti with pesto sauce was dry and totally tasteless. I requested for extra pesto or olive oil but they denied my request. The cook said everything was pre-portioned and he couldn’t do anything about my pasta. I just liberally doused it with the parmesan cheese in a green bottle on the table. What did I expect for HK$48?
spaghetti genovese
spaghetti genovese HK$48

The spaghetti Japonese with sea clams and shimeji mushrooms was much better. The sauce was a simple but rich tasting, briny clam broth that successfully pulled the dish together. Overall the experience was just satisfactory. If you have a yearning for very affordable pasta while in Hong Kong, Te is the place to go.
spaghetti Japonese
spaghetti Japonese HK$69

Shop 601, 6/F, iSQUARE
63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 
Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2312-0096

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