Dinner at The Frazzled Cook

pancake ala  mode
Jane wanted to treat Mila & me for her birthday. She chose The Frazzled Cook in San Juan. I’ve read a lot about this restaurant specially their famous pancake ala mode so I was quite curious to see what was so special with a pancake topped with ice cream. The restaurant was located in a dark residential street in San Juan. We missed the place at first because the sign was partially blocked by a post.

The Frazzled Cook-1

The Frazzled Cook was located in a converted house. I don’t know how much of the old furniture was used in the restaurant but I suspect it was a lot. The place is a mish mash of chairs, tables, designs, moods and themes. It had a homey eclectic atmosphere.
The Frazzled Cook-2

The Frazzled Cook-4

The Frazzled Cook-5

The Frazzled Cook-6

The Frazzled Cook-8

The Frazzled Cook-11

The Frazzled Cook-12

The Frazzled Cook-10
moi, Jane & Mila

The Frazzled Cook
the famous Hello Kitty spoon

We had the special homemade iced tea (in the blue pitcher) that other blogs were raving about. I found it way too sweet but it had an interesting flavor which I think was lemongrass. I had to add lots of ice and lemon for make it drinkable.
homemade iced tea

Jane’s favorite was the herbed chicken salad. I liked the fragrant grilled chicken on the salad. The dressing was tangy and fruity. 
herbed chicken salad w/ basil vinaigrette
herbed chicken salad w/ basil vinaigrette P275

The wagyu beef was very tender and I loved the garlicky flavor. The mushrooms were very salty though. I was glad the rice wasn’t white rice. Instead it was brown garlic rice with lots of Knorr liquid seasoning. Well that’s what it tasted like to me.
wagyu salpicao
wagyu salpicao P550

The beef couldn’t have been more than 3 ounces. So if you’re hungry or have a big appetite don’t order this. It was just fine for us since Jane ordered 4 main courses. She forgot there were only 3 of us. 
wagyu salpicao

The lengua was different. Normally ox tongue is simmered in sauce for a long time and served with the sauce it was cooked in.  Here the ox tongue was boiled and sliced and a white sauce with mushroom and corn was poured over it. Cooked this way the lengua was dry and even the generous sauce couldn’t mask it.
lenuga w/ mushrooms, corn & mashed potatoes
lenuga w/ mushrooms, corn & mashed potatoes P350

I loved the chunky mashed potatoes.
lenuga w/ mushrooms, corn & mashed potatoes

The gambas on saffron rice reminded me of spicy shrimp paella. Yum! 
gambas al ajillo w/ saffron rice
gambas al ajillo w/ saffron rice P325

It was the Friday before Holy Week when we ate here and that means no meat for Mila who had the fish. I was amazed how big the serving was. I tried a bite and found it to be perfectly cooked and generously seasoned.
grilled tanigue steak w/ herbed butter
grilled tanigue steak w/ herbed butter P350

Jane couldn’t stop raving about the pancake. I had my doubts. Until I took a bite. The thick pancake was crisp yet dense, tender and had bite to it. It wasn’t your run of the mill light and fluffy pancake. It tasted like a cross between pancake and bibingka (Filipino rice cake). My analysis on this pancake was it had some rice flour in it and it was pan fried in lots of good quality salted butter. That’s what gave it the crisp edges, slight salty buttery flavor which was perfect with the mantecado ice cream and syrup. I too couldn’t stop raving about it. I love, love, love it!
pancake ala  mode
pancake ala mode P180

The Frazzled Cook is a good place for home cooked, comfort food. The price is very reasonable and the servings are generous. Whatever you order be sure to end your meal with the pancake ala mode. I want to go back just to eat just that with a cup of coffee. But I’m not sharing my pancake. 

starters, pasta/seafood/paella, meat & poultry, sides, desserts,
beverages, alcoholic beverages

The Frazzled Cook
916 Luna Mencias Street,
Barangay Additional Hills,
Mandaluyong City
telephone: 782-5980, 725-3354

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