Good Shepherd and Everything Nice

Good Shepherd's Alfajor
Anyone who goes to Baguio has to go to Good Shepherd convent to buy all sorts of yummy goodies created by the nuns.

It was Jennie’s driver’s first time to go to Baguio so she brought her Garmin gps which she uses in Canada and the USA. I was surprised that it worked perfectly in Baguio. Without it we would have wasted so much time.
Garmin GPS Baguio

This was as close to SM as I got. I really wanted to go too!
SM Baguio

Even though it wasn’t tourist season there were a lot of buyers. The line went pretty fast though.

Jennie had a lot of friends and relatives to buy for. They sure love peanut brittle!
Jennie’s haul

Elisa’s stash

I had to buy ube jam, a bottle of mango jam and alfajor cookies which a reader of my blog suggested I buy. I’ve never tried it before and I took a risk buying several jars as presents for family and office co-workers.
my goodies

The Alfajor or dulce de leche cookies (recipe) were a good buy! The shortbread cookies were soft and crumbly and the caramel filling wasn’t sweet or sticky. It had a faint citrus flavor from the lemon rind. I wish they’d amp up the lemon rind or even kalamasi juice for more flavor. I bet that would taste great with the caramel. The cookies were good as is but tasted even better when refrigerated.
Good Shepherd's Alfajor-1
Alfajor cookies P95



Elisa showed us this refreshment stand just beside the counter where you buy the Good Shepherd goodies.
calamansi & lemon juice w/ strawberry

calamansi & lemon juice w/ strawberry syrup-1

It was cool and refreshing but tasted just like calamansi juice. I hardly tasted any strawberry flavor.
calamansi & lemon juice w/ strawberry syrup-2
calamansi & lemon juice w/ strawberry syrup

After shopping we went to Camp John Hay’s Mile Hi Center to try Everything Nice’s cassava cake which I read from various blogs was very good and a must buy when in Baguio.
Everything Nice, Baguio

Everything Nice, Baguio-2

Everything Nice, Baguio-1

Everything Nice, Baguio-3

Unfortunately we also decided to try their other cakes. Big mistake. The strawberry shortcake was obviously several days old and was as hard and dry as cardboard. When we complained they took it back without comment. They knew it was old and still served it. Bad, bad move.
Everything Nice, Baguio-5
strawberry shortcake

The cheesecake was marginally better. It was also a bit drier than what you would expect from a cheesecake. We tried to return it too but they indignantly replied, “it’s newly baked!” So we had to just eat what we could.
Everything Nice, Baguio-4

We all shared a slice of cassava cake before deciding if we will buy a whole box each. It was definitely so much superior to the two previous cakes. Our only comment was it was too smooth. Most of us liked our cassava cake chunkier and with shredded cassava. So we didn’t buy anymore. 
Everything Nice, Baguio-6
cassava cake

We went to The Manor Hotel to buy some bread and pastries and take a LOT of pictures. I’m just showing the 3 out of 20 without people.
The Manor Hotel

The Manor Hotel-1

The Manor Hotel-2

Good Shepherd Convent
15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City
Telefax (074) 424 11 09 – Convent
Telefax (074) 442 3865 – Center

Everything Nice
Mile Hi Center Sheridan Dr.
Camp John Hay
Baguio City

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