Dinner at Mr. Sunmoon Seafood House

Sunmoon kidney
This entry about Sunmoon restaurant was late in getting posted because I just came home from watching Tears for Fear’s 1st concert in Manila.

I took the following pictures with my iPhone’s camera so pardon the quality. The whole Araneta Coliseum was packed to the rafters. The 2 crowd pictures below were taken after Sandwich and Pupil’s performance. Sandwich performed first. After their last song, Raymond Marasigan called Ely Buendia to the stage and they performed Alapaap with Raymond on drums. It was a nice surprise for the audience.
Tears for Fears in Manila 2

Tears for Fears in Manila

The concert started with a solo Curt Smith singing a slow, stirring performance of “Mad World” with an orchestra background playing through the speakers. After that Roland and the rest of the band joined him for “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and the whole Araneta Coliseum turned into a giant karaoke bar.
Tears for Fears in Manila 3

I loved the whole concert except for some unfamiliar songs in the middle. I was also disappointed that they didn’t sing “Change” even though we were all chanting that at the end of the concert. I hope they come back soon for another concert.
Tears for Fears in Manila 4

Okay, back to Mr. Sunmoon Seafood House or just Sunmoon. Sunmoon has been around for decades with their original branch in the lower ground floor of Shoppesville. We went there on a Monday night and the place was overflowing with people. After the first batch of diners left another batch took their place. I never knew Sunmoon was that popular. Maybe because the food is cheap and not bad at all.



Everything we ordered was just ok for me. Nothing spectacular but everything was very edible. What really stood out for me was the ox tongue. The ox tongue was very tender and cooked similar to the Spanish style with brown sauce and mushrooms. It was a steal at P300 for so many pieces. In other restaurants P300 will get you 2-3 thin slices only.
ox tongue
ox tongue P300

sizzling tofu
sizzling tofu P180

Sunmoon kidney
Sunmoon kidney P180

kang kong garlic
kang kong garlic P200

salted fish fried rice
salted fish fried rice P280

asado rice topping
asado rice topping P160

Sunmoon menu-2

Sunmoon menu-3

Sunmoon menu
Sunmoon menu
Sunmoon menu-1

Mr. Sun Moon
G/F 1 Kennedy Place,

Ortigas cor., Club Filipino Ave.
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 470-1257

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