Dinner at Sweet Dynasty

Sweet Dynasty

This was my first time to go to the new location of Sweet Dynasty. It used to occupy a smaller space down the road. The decor was very basic except for the rosewood furniture.

Now the restaurant is a two-storey modern and gold wonder.

Sweet Dynasty-1

We went there on a Sunday night and the huge second floor was full.
Sweet Dynasty-2

Sweet Dynasty-4

Sweet Dynasty-14

Sweet Dynasty-3

We weren’t very hungry so we ordered mostly dim sum. I was still obsessed with wonton so I ordered a plain wonton soup. The wonton and soup was just ordinary. Nothing like the fabulous wonton at Delicious Kitchen. Even the wonton at Cafe de Coral was better.
wonton soup
wonton soup HK$40

I love a restaurant that serves dim sum the whole day. Too bad Sweet Dynasty’s dim sum was bad. The noodle roll was too soft and mushy and there was very little beef and maybe 2 strands of mushroom.
steamed beef & enoki mushroom noodle roll
steamed beef & enoki mushroom noodle roll HK$28

The bean curd roll wasn’t crisp at all and it was very, very greasy. That happens when the oil isn’t hot enough. For dim sum that tastes 100x better go to Chuk Yuen or Pak Loh.
fried bean curd roll
fried bean curd roll HK$23

boiled pork liver & kidney
boiled pork liver & kidney HK$60

chili sauce
sauce for the livers & kidney

I give them a plus for presentation. A little dry ice makes anything look dramatic and appetizing.
red beans w/ grass jelly
red beans w/ grass jelly HK$28
red beans w/ grass jelly

At least the mango pudding was excellent.
mango pudding
mango pudding HK$20

Sweet Dynasty-15

I don’t know if I’ll go back to Sweet Dynasty again. We were quite disappointed overall. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing? I’d rather go to Hang Fa Lau for food and dessert. Another place for great desserts is Honeymoon Dessert.

Sweet Dynasty (menu)
Ground Floor, No. 100
Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: +852-2199-7799, 2199-7788

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