Pal food on economy Mla-Tpe-Mla

dumplings w/ noodles
I’ve raved a lot about how good the food was on Philippine Airlines  whether on business or economy class. My luck finally ran out. Last May I went to Taipei with some friends and had the most awful breakfast on the plane. I’ve tried the dimsum and noodles offered by PAL before and found it to be good so I ordered it again.
One of the most important components of a good dumpling is the dough or skin. It should to be al dente and not too thin or too thick. These dumplings were so soft it seemed like it was steamed for 24 hours. I immediately spitted out the small piece I ate. Even the filling smelled funky. A major fail! 
dumplings w/ noodles

I was hoping the noodles fared better. It was a bit hard but it was a definite improvement over the dumplings. I lost my appetite after the taste of the dumpling still lingered in my mouth.  The best thing for breakfast was the ensaymada by Goldilocks which I put in my bag. I ended up with just coffee. Good thing I was able to eat some arroz caldo in the business class lounge earlier.
dumplings w/ noodles

On our trip home to Manila the food quality was back to normal. Even the rice was very soft unlike their usual hard and dry rice.
chicken caldereta
chicken caldereta

For dessert there was a caramel bar supplied by the Max’s Corner Bakery owned by Max’s fried chicken.
Max's caramel bar
Max’s caramel bar

It was surprisingly good. I could taste condensed milk which made it sweet, moist and gooey.
Max's caramel bar

Max's caramel bar

Come back tomorrow for the start of my blogs on my trip to Taipei City, Taiwan.

2 thoughts on “Pal food on economy Mla-Tpe-Mla

  1. oh my! you know i had the exact same thing on my flight to hkg!! dumplings with noodles..good thing i had delifrance lasagna i just ate a few bites and left the entire thing..blah!


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