Calista’s 1st Birthday Bash

Calista Kaori is the daughter of my cousin Ricky and his lovely wife Rhoda. In the Philippines the Chinese community make a big deal out of a child’s birthday party and celebrate it big time. The last baby birthday party I attended was equally grand.
Calista's 1st bday

The party was held at Greenhills West clubhouse. It was a great venue since the place was big, had a high ceiling and most importantly, it was air-conditioned.
Calista's 1st bday-2

They hired a host/comedian to entertain the kids with various games.
Calista's 1st bday-3

The cake was fit for a little princess.
Calista's 1st bday-8

Individual cupcakes for the guests
Calista's 1st bday-9

Loot packs for the kids
Calista's 1st bday-10

Calista's 1st bday-4

I liked the fun balloons that decorated each table. Very creative!
Calista's 1st bday-5

Calista's 1st bday-6

Calista's 1st bday-7

They also had several food carts with food for all ages.
Calista's 1st bday-11
NYFD fries and dips
Calista's 1st bday-12

Squid balls and kropek
Calista's 1st bday-14

Calista's 1st bday-13

Champola fresh fruits in ice cream
Calista's 1st bday-15

Calista's 1st bday-16

Purefoods Hotdog
Calista's 1st bday-17

There were several fun games for the kids too.
Calista's 1st bday-18

Calista's 1st bday-19

Calista's 1st bday-20

Calista's 1st bday-21

Food for the adults
Calista's 1st bday-22

Calista's 1st bday-23

Another popular thing in parties and weddings in Manila is renting an instant photo booth. They normally charge by the hour and the guests can get as many pictures as they want. I caught my aunt and her friend getting their own souvenir.
Calista's 1st bday-24

Calista's 1st bday-25

Stand in front of the machine and get ready for four different poses.
Calista's 1st bday-26

Within minutes the picture comes out the machine. There are dozens of companies offering this service in Manila. It doesn’t cost that much and is fun for the guests.
Calista's 1st bday-27

Rhoda and Ricky did an amazing job planning and executing this party. I’m sure Calista won’t remember any of it but she’s definitely going to enjoy watching the video and seeing the pictures on my blog when she’s a bit older.
Calista's 1st bday-1

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