Lunch at Willie’s Smoked Carolina BBQ

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-12
Summer in the USA means road trip! It was the kids’ first weekend summer break and we went to Virginia Beach for the weekend. After a couple of hours on the road we started to look for a place to eat lunch. We passed the usual McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and the usual fast food chain. Our patience paid off when we saw the small sign for Willie’s BBQ.

La’s hubby, Chee was in charge of getting us to Virginia Beach while La and I were in charge of looking for a restaurant for lunch.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-1
me with Ethan and Erin

Willie’s BBQ was on the same lot as a gas station and a convenience store. It didn’t look like much from the outside but we took a chance anyway.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-2

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-3

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-4

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-5

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-6

To be honest the sides excited me more than the BBQ pork.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-7

Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-8

My nephew Ethan loves chicken so he got his own plate. I guess it was good since he finished it rather quickly. I did get to try a potato wedge and it was good.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-10
1/2 bbq chicken and potato wedges $8.95

Erin had the kids meal with 2 small but generous sides of baked beans and candied yams with marshmallows. I found the yams yummy but a bit too sweet. Erin loved it all.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-9
child’s plate -1 roll, pork or chicken, 2 small sides, and a drink $4.00

Chee had this generous plate of pulled pork. I tried it and found it to be tender and smoky but a bit dry. A quick dip in some Carolina bbq sauce and it was perfect.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-11
pulled pork, cornbread, 2 regular sides & a drink $8.95

La and I shared an order of baby back ribs. They were finger lickin good! It was so much better than the pulled pork. The mac and cheese were also amazingly good. The baked apples were just ok. What really blew my taste buds was the awesome cornbread. It was so buttery, crisp on the outside and so moist and tender on the inside. It was the best cornbread I’ve ever tasted.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ-12
1/2 rack of baby back ribs, cornbread, 2 sides & a drink $15.95

We were really happy with this discovery. La and her family went back to Virginia Beach before the summer break ended and they went back to Willie’s BBQ for another satisfying meal.
Willie's Smoked Carolina BBQ menu
menu from Willie’s BBQ

Willie’s Smoked Carolina BBQ 
2245 Pocahontas Trail
Quinton, Virginia 23141
telephone: (804) 932-9333

3 thoughts on “Lunch at Willie’s Smoked Carolina BBQ

  1. We had the beef brisket on our 2nd trip there. It was good too. CHEE and I loved the country collard greens, but of course, it’s not something you’d notice 😉


  2. This blog is fantastic! I was looking for great food blogs (based in PH)– you know, to give me ideas as to where I should eat the next payday. And this blog is gastronomically exciting! 🙂


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