Dinner at Pelons Baja Grill

Pelons Baja Grill- fish tacos
When we were in Virginia Beach we relied heavily on Yelp on our iPhone to look for places to eat at. Pelons Baja Grill had very good reviews specially with their famous fish tacos. So that’s where we ate for our first dinner.

Pelons was a very short walk from our hotel.
Pelons Baja Grill-2

Pelons Baja Grill-1

Pelons Baja Grill-3

We started with some tortilla chips and queso dip. The dip was so yummy!
chips & queso dip
chips & queso dip $6.25

The salad had a generous serving of sauteed pepper shrimp and the it was served with Pelon’s cilantro pepper dressing. The salad had nice mild spicy flavor.
surfside salad
surfside salad $9.25

This was my first time to try fish tacos. I was surprised with the use of shredded cabbage instead of lettuce. I think they were after the crunch from the cabbage. The fish was coated in thick breading and deep fried. That in itself was nothing extra ordinary. What made this taco stand out was the spicy Baja cream sauce. It was the perfect topping for a crunchy taco.
Pelons Baja Grill- fish tacos
fish tacos $7.50 for 3

I really liked the taco filled with grilled steak cubes, guacamole, cilantro, onion and a choice of red or green sauce. The beef was tender and very flavorful.
carne asada tacos
carne asada tacos $7.50 for 3

No wonder Pelons Baja Grill was a popular place. They had a wide variety of food at reasonable prices. The taste was quite authentic too. It’s a good place for a quick, casual and satisfying meal.
Pelons Baja Grill menu
Pelons Baja Grill menu (click to enlarge)

Pelons Baja Grill
3619 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2712
telephone: (757) 417-3970

One thought on “Dinner at Pelons Baja Grill

  1. Pelon’s is the perfect place for a casual dining experience….especially for a bald-headed dude, hey we have to support our own!


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