Breakfast at Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop

Breakfast sandwich
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But most of the time we’re in a rush and don’t get to relax and enjoy a hearty meal. Since we were on vacation we wanted to have the best breakfast and we accomplished that by going to the most popular breakfast place in Virginia Beach.

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-1

Pocahantas Pancakes was another discovery from Yelp. It was really popular with the locals and tourists and there was a constant line outside. We didn’t wait for a long time though.
Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-2

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-3

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-4

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-5

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-6

We really had a hard time making up our minds since everything on the menu looked good. Our first order which all the adults unanimously agreed to was the blue crab meat omelet. I really loved this omelet because it wasn’t too big. There was actually more crab filling than eggs. It was light and the taste of the crab was the star of the dish.
Blue Crabmeat Omelet w/ cheese
blue crab meat omelet w/ cheese $8.95

Blue Crabmeat Omelet w/ cheese

We let Erin choose which waffle to order and boy was I glad she chose the chocolate chip waffle. The egg rich batter of the Belgian waffle gave it a soft and rich interior and a crisp exterior. It was one of the best waffles I’ve ever eaten. There was enough chocolate chips to make the kids and adults happy.
 Succulent Chocolate Chip Waffle
succulent chocolate chip waffle

The kids had their own side order of plain pancakes. Wow even the plain, unadulterated pancakes were yummy!!
Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-10

The side order of corned beef hash was a bit disappointing since it was the canned variety.
Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-11

This was our order the first day. This was shared between 3 adults and 2 kids. Let me tell you there was nothing left on our plates. NOTHING.
Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-12

Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-13

Before leaving Virginia Beach we had to go back to Pocahontas again for our farewell breakfast. This time we tried the waffle topped with sweetened pecans. It was good too. What would be even better are chocolate chips and pecans together. I hope you take note Pocahontas.
Pecan-Topped Waffle
pecan-topped waffle

I decided to go for broke and ordered their breakfast sandwich. I chose this because of the biscuit underneath the sausage patty, cheese slice and sunny side egg. Incredible! Now this IS a breakfast sandwich. Thankfully it wasn’t greasy at all.  I ate 1 and my cousin La ate the other. Ethan ate the potatoes.
Breakfast sandwich
breakfast sandwich

La’s hubby decided to eat healthier and ordered a veggie omelet. I didn’t bother trying it. Between the pecan waffle and breakfast sandwich I was beyond full. And happy. Very happy.
Veggie Omelet
Veggie Omelet

If I can have breakfast like this anytime of the day I would eat here for lunch and dinner too. Pocahontas Pancakes is strictly a breakfast and brunch place. They close at 1:00 pm daily.
Pocahontas Pancakes & Waffle Shop-17

Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle Shop
Atlantic Ave. & 35th Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
telephone: (757) 428-6352
hours: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm 
7 Days a week

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