Trapper’s Smokehouse at Busch Gardens

Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-10
There were several dining options at Busch Gardens. There was a buffet, Irish fare, British pub, Italian choices and many more.

What lured us to Trapper’s Smokehouse was the wonderful aroma of smoked meats cooking right in front of the restaurant.
Trapper's Smokehouse

The food was laid out cafeteria style and there were more than 2 lines going but we it still took us more than half an hour to get our food.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens

Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-1

The desserts were up first. They were smart in the lay-out. While we patiently waited for our turn we were faced with all kinds of tempting desserts from fresh fruit to pies and cakes.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-2

I gave in when I saw the chocolate cake. I got a slice for Erin. She loved it.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-3

strawberry shortcake

Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-5

Ethan got a kid’s meal with his favorite chicken and fries.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-6

The side dishes looked tempting too.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-7

We got a mac and cheese for Erin.
mac & cheese

All the barbecued meats from chicken to beef brisket and ribs were at the end of the line.
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-9

The adults shared an order of smokehouse sampler which had bbq chicken, smoked beef brisket and bbq ribs and country waffle fries. It was actually good. Finger lickin’ good!
Trapper's Smokehouse at Busch Gardens-10
smokehouse sampler $13.59

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